Design Services

Space Design



Here, Livelywood will reinvent your space from top-to-bottom. This includes the civil work, designing, sourcing, purchase and accessorizing etc… We will assess your needs and wants, and you can leave the styling and heavy lifting to us!


Small Design Renovations



Livelywood helps in assisting you in small renovation projects. We always bring design, create beautiful & functional spaces from layouts and drawings to choosing fixtures, to finding the perfect back-splash. We can coordinate all buying and make sure the process is smooth and stress-free.

Design Consultation



This is for clients who want an opportunity to discuss new and exciting design ideas for their space. Here all your doubts can be cleared and you will receive guidance regarding furniture layout, color schemes, and window treatments, furniture, built-in’s and so forth. We will suggest and also provide a layout which will infuse style, fresh perspective & direction into your next project.

 Staging & Styling Design



Here, we provide services to assist you to make   your home look better. If you are moving and looking to make the most of your home for re-sale or need a photo shoot or perhaps need a little something extra… Livelywood comes in to the picture!


Furniture Design & Making



We offer a wide range of furniture accessories created to brighten up your living space. Each item is uniquely designed and hand-crafted. Every piece is distinctive in the colors used, the texture, the shape, the embellishment – each creation is exclusive. While designing we focus on utility as well as the art aspect. Difference in tastes are also taken into consideration – we can provide a modern contemporary look or an antique touch or incorporate a cultural theme such as Indian, Persian, Colonial, Oriental, etc.