Beauty of little things – Karde

Karde in the monsoons

Monsoons makes Maharashtra heaven on Earth! The pleasing velvet tones of greens, the clear streams, the rush of the tides in the Arabian Sea, the sprinkle of the rains and the wholesome waterfalls…..the list can go on…

View from the rolling green hills

A few weeks back, we set off to this little hamlet called Karde. A place with black sand, rolling hills, partially rocky beaches, and above all, not commercial. The sea was just a minute away from our cottages, hence off we strolled to the beach and into the raging sea. While we walked on beaches and hiked the hills, I came across such beautiful things, made and built by nature. Those things we fail to see in our mundane lives, those things which bring ideas to your mind and things which makes you feel so rich within. So this post is going to be all about those little things I enjoyed being around profoundly.

Collection of beautiful sea shells with spiral patterns & colours

My walk through the fringes of the sea made me notice these beautiful sea shells. The rich colours and patterns on them was so stunning that it I wanted to have with me, in my home, in my memory…always!

Eroded rocks

What nature does and how intricately it carves even the toughest rocks, makes you think about the force and yet the daintiness of the natural world.

The Button Nose Flower

I don’t know what sort of tree this is, it was just a plain beautiful one with the lush colours contrasting each other!

The patterned black Sand

The patterned black sand of Karde garnished the extensive beach. Again, how intricate yet bold!

The splashing sea

From the sandy beach, we hopped on to the rocky raging sea. The energy and vigour of the ocean made my blood rush faster through my veins. I kept thinking, how can such rage carve rocks so delicately, how can the green have so many shades and each pleasing to the eye, how can the silky grain of sand make such long beaches…. Salute to the mother nature is all I concluded…

A perfect clear water pothole was

Scribble on the black sand

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