The Mystery of Nazca Lines – Peru

Back in 2005, I made a trip to Peru. The most exotic trip that remains with me till today! We travelled from the desert of Nazca to the mountains of the Machu Picchu and into the land of the Amazon. Sometimes I think this small country has just all of it takes to make it geographically balanced!

View of the Pan Amerixan Highway through the Nazca Lines

From the 12 days I spent in Peru, the most intriguing sector visited was the rubble like desert. Since these deserts are known for its mysterious Nazca lines, we decided to really see it for ourselves. This dry terrain holds one of the most mystifying monuments of the known world. Etched in the surface are 300 hundred figures made of straight lines, geometric shapes and pictures of animals and bird. The biggest pattern being 200mtrs. In the area of 500 sq/km, these patterns are clearly visible from air.

A Watch Tower overlooking the Nazca Lines

The geometric and animal-like patterns have been discovered criss-crossing the pampas is a big puzzle. I really couldn’t believe my eyes! While on the ground, these lines are not visible and it was difficult to understand the complexity and beauty of these different animals and stylized human-like forms. After we took a small chartered plane over the arid land, I was shocked to see how huge and accurate these patterns were! Instantly, I had so many questions flashing my mind! Who built them and what was their purpose? They looked like landing strips, race tracks, astronomical calendar!

Figure of an Alien on a dune

I thought I’ll make a list of some theories, yet none proven accurate –

Theory I
These lines age back to 400 – 650AD. What makes it mysterious is how these precise works could’ve been completed long before the documented invention of human flight? Are the lines signs left by an alien race? Landing strips for UFOs?

Theory II
Since these geoglyphs can only be seen from higher altitudes or from the air some theorize that the Nazca had an early form of flight skills before anyone else in the form of hot air balloons. Maybe the Nazca tribe intended to communicate something to the world with flying arial machines.

Theory III
Locals believe that these lines are a magical form of spell casted by a early cult of the area. Some claim the lines form complex and sacred geometry only known to them.

Theory IV
Some also contend that the lines follow the local underground water lines in the region. But then why do they have such intricate figures and patterns?

Theory V
Maria Reiche a mathematician from Germany studied the Nazca lines for over 20 years and has come up with a most reasonable theory about them. She concluded that the Nazca Lines in Peru were used to track the sun and astronomical calendar cycles. It then instantly became the largest solar observatory in the world.

Theory VI
Some locals also believe that the lines that have formed when the spirits of those long departed enter into the other world and they are showing us a new way with spiritual energy through these patterns.

One of the biggest animal figure - The Condor

The Dog Figure

After all the theories and none being actually proved, this place fascinated me to a great extent. What also worried me was that these lines are superficial and are only 10 to 30 cm deep and could be washed away. This region does not receive rainfall but due to changing climatic conditions, the lines may not resist heavy rain without being damaged.

Geolyph of the Monkey - Maria Reiche

Small Pleasures of a Farmhouse…far far away…

Wheat Field - A fantastic shot taken by my friend Ashutosh

As kids, activities like climbing trees, soaking in little streams that ran through lanes, walking through uncut grass, collecting insects, butterflies, tadpoles seem so unreal anymore! We have no time, no space and all these little elements of nature, just do not exist around us! Very often, I get this urge to explore some hidden waterfalls, or a cave or simply walk through a road which doesn’t exist. When such a feeling arises, off we go to our farmhouse in the outskirts of Pune around a small shabby town of Varasgaon.

Farmhouse at Varasgaon

Like any other farm, we have a farmhouse maintained by my family members with so much love and care. It is a sloping land full of mango, banana, papaya, chikoo trees and many small crops like the potato, ginger, rice, beans, etc! It is a lush piece of land with another beautiful feature, it has a vivacious stream flowing through it with a tiny 7 feet waterfall with a canopy of ancient trees which look mysterious, eerie and yet magnificient!

View of the Farmhouse with the Banana Plantation

Some fun with family

So now lets see what makes Varasgaon farmhouse so much fun! My favourite activity is going down to the well and then walking through the unleashed grass to the stream. The up and down walk through the weeds and over the rocks, along the wheat fields while collecting crystals, dried tree barks and flowers unshackles a feeling so different and satisfying. We walk by sometimes collecting some vegetables to take back home, or sometimes pick a fruit and start eating it on our way or just walk through the rumbling stream slipping, falling, bruising, yet doing the same thing over and over again!

How would it look if I climbed a tree in the hustle bustle of my city? The idea seems so funny ain’t it? Over to the farm, who cares?! Just climb one, swing over or simply enjoy the view from top….there isn’t a thing to bother!

A family picture in the tree

Forever meowing cat

Bipin with Nyanoba & Tukai

With a lot of love and care are bred a few animals on our farm. I really look forward to go there in order to connect to that part of nature that I enjoy over everything. A mommy cow Kapila and her youngun, a dog named Nyanoba and his mother Dolly, a forever meowing cat and a bunch of chickens are running all over the farm and rest in their meadow cum barn under a cool shade of a tree. The whole time we are there, we have Nyanoba chasing us from the farmhouse to the stream and when its time for us to leave, he sighs to show how much he wants us to stay. We adore them and so do they…..

Kapila the cow and her Youngun

Mama Dolly demanding attention

The day ends very soon! But the darkness brings in two very exciting activities……just listening to the crickets and enjoying the stillness and dark and it also ‘barbeque’ time. This activity is the most popular activity at the farmhouse. The mess and flavour of charcoal, the smell of roasting chicken, fish and veggies with some bhakri and gavran rassa. The pleasure of this feast is so much more satisfying than that of a restaurant! The day and stay ends with so much fun, relaxation and a calm which doesn’t come very often!

Time for Barbeque!

A great union of friends!

The Unexplored Alps…

I lived, breathed, experienced and connected so much with the Alps during my stay in Grenoble! I can’t stop thinking about them and my memories race back to them everytime I am amidst magical mountains.

I consider myself very lucky to have got a chance to explore the real depths of the Alps. As a student, backpacking and rock climbing has become a mandatory custom among a bunch of us. Grenoble also being a ski capital of France made me hop around a few destinations. Infact, this time, my post is all about these interioirs and not so none places in the Alps.

City of Grenoble

A beatuiful city in the arms of the Alps…(read more about Grenoble in my former post My Wonderful Stay in Grenoble )

My School - ESC-Grenoble Business School of Commerce

My Residence in Grenoble


The Belledonne mountain range forms the eastern wall of the mountains that surround the city of Grenoble.
The range has spectacular scenery it provides the inhabitants of Grenoble, numerous ski areas, interesting geology, and a diverse range of alpine land.

Olympic venue at Chamrousse, with Mont Blanc in the distance

Castle of Bayard is one the remote and isolated castles of France. It is surrounded by lush green hills and the small town of Pontcharra.

Castle of Pontcharra - Castle House Museum

Les 7 Laux - Ski Resort


The Vercors is a range of plateaux and mountains in the Pre-Alps. Cliffs at its eastern edge of the Vercors face the city of Grenoble. The Vercors comprises several resorts for cross-country skiing and for down-hill skiing. Villard-de-Lans is the biggest down-hill ski resort. It is also home to the cave, Gouffre Berger.

Glimpse of Vercors

From Grand Veymont to Duex Soeur, the eastern rampants of Vercors

Some more pictures & memories of the Alps…

Speleology in the Alps

A picnic & hike in the Alps

My First Ski Experience- Les Deux Alps

Secrets of Amsterdam!

Unlike a lot of places, Amsterdam stands out loud, clear, weird and exotic in its true sense! Its full of life, bikes, dope, canals, good looking people, weird museums and an interesting red light area! I loved it instantly!!

Dutch city of Amsterdam

It is always nice to know all the fun facts about the places you travel but its even better when you know some other little things that give a clear picture of the place. While in Amsterdam, I tried to find out more about its myths, Dutch ghosts, people’s beliefs along with the other usual things! I found out some bizzare facts about this place which I want to share in my post…

The sinister secret of Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House

All cultures have some ghost stories and Amsterdam seems to have some about Anne Frank. I didn’t get a chance to go in to the Anne Frank House due to a huge crowd but heard about her little appearances in the window. People talk about a sinister secret in her hideout. It is often reported that you can feel cold spots in certain areas of Anne’s room. Some thumping noises are heard in the basement and on the stairs at midnight.

A lot of cultures beileve in ghots and spirits under water hence the Netherlands, being a country built largely under the sea level, does allow some paranormal speculation!

The Norms of the Red Light District

Red Light District

The Red Light district of Amsterdam is one of the most bizzare display of woman trying to get men laid. They look bold, sexy, hideous, innocent and is shocking to see the diversity in age, colour, size and specialty! When I walked through this buzzing area seeing people negotiate the time and money to get laid, I decided to find out more. Apparently, it cost anywhere between €50 to €100 for half hour depending on the jobs demanded by the customers. I also read a few things about which nationalities were easily accepted by these hookers, for example, Moroccons and Turks weren’t easily acceptable because they treat women like dirt or Indians too, because they were a bit weird, etc. It looked vibrant and normal yet I felt a little sad. I thought of choices can have such an enormous effect on people’s lives, the choice to sell your body!

Poezenboot House Boat…not for HUMANS!

Poezenboot House Boat for Cats!

On one of the canals of Amsterdam, has a long house boat occupied by stray cats of the city called the Poezenboot. Imagine how rich these cats must be to own a house boat? After all, if people can live in them, why not cats? It was quite dilapitated but now it lives on and is taken care of some enthusiastic cat lovers of Amsterdam!

How can I forget the dope?

Dope Menu in a Cafe

Amsterdam has over 250 coffee shops which can legally sell up to 5 grams of drugs to each person. What really amused me was the selling of cannabis (dope) is illegal, but not punishable. They have to stick to a few norms like no advertising, no selling it to children, no public nuisance, etc. When you talk about a café, it is equivalent to a bar, the non-marijuana selling cafés are called koffiehuis (which actually mean coffee shops). It also has a backdoor policy, the cafés are allowed to sell dope, yet not buy it…I wonder how it really works??

Hmmm….so these are the little stories I collected from Amsterdam! A city with a mixture of rolling dope with a subtle coffee outlet, houses meant for cats and ghosts below sea level!!

The Isles of Zanzibar

Pristine Blue Indian Ocean

I loved this place the minute I stepped on it! Just like its name, its exotic, historical and a bit mystical! When I talk about isles of Zanzibar, I mean its numerous islands like Pemba, Prison Island, and several others which are still untouched! Each island is rich in its spices, wildlife, history and inexplicable beauty!

View of the Stone Town from House of Wonders

Zanzibar is an island with narrow alleys, breezy rooftops, majestic Indian & Arabic doors and private courtyards and pristine blue ocean. We decided to stay amidst of a place called Stone Town which is some what the city centre. Its full of historical places, curio shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs and of course the beach. We loved the place instantly. It quite reminded me of the old narrow alleys of India.

Island of Zanzibar

Alleys of Stone Town, Zanzibar

After arriving on this island, we decided to hunt for a nice hotel since we were going to stay there for 2 nights. We hopped around checking out a few hotels and decided to stay in this cosy and inviting place called Archipelago. There, we were greeted by this wonderful hostess called Ana who made the place even more inviting. These people had 5 rooms and hardly advertised them. They also had a pretty cafe with one of the best ‘masala tea’ and pizza I’ve ever had in my life. Thereafter, being our little home and diner for not the next 2 but 4 days!
Archipelago is definitely high on my list…here’s their contact –
Archipelago Café Restaurant
Box 4156 Zanzibar, East Africa
+255 24 22 668/ +255 777 462311

Spiced Tea @ the Archipelago Cafe Restaurant

The next highlight of our stay were the ‘Doors of Zanzibar’! The most enchanting feature of this island! Zanzibar had a huge Indian & Arab settlement from the 13th century. After talking with people, we learned that the fashion for carved doors was brought in by the Indian & the Islamic people and were designed uniquely to portray the status of the family. Wow! I was impressed! The architecture of this place also had some additional attractions like the balconies, verandas or porches and rooftops, apparently made to give women a view of the streets. Walking through these alleys gave me a glimpse of the old times integrated in to today. The experience was strange yet so rich and unique.

Arabic door in the alleys of Stone Town

Balconies of Stone Town

Trinkets in Curio Shops

While walking through the Stone Town, we met this very interesting Bhori guy with Indian origin named Rashid. This guy had an antique store with numerous trinkets like masks, jewelry, drums and some African games. Since he was quite well versed with Hindi, and had his origins in India, we got talking. Our conversation ended up with he teaching us a very popular game played in Zanzibar called “Bao”. Bao (means wood in Swahili) is a wooden board game with 8 holes aesthetically carved and is played by sowing dried seeds tactfully in the holes. The game is complicated yet very interesting. Time just flew, he taught and we played and finally just bought the game because we liked Rashid and the game!

Popular Board Game - Bao

Forodhani Gardens - a place with roadside food stalls....

Spending 4 days on this island may sound a bit too much, isn’t it? Well I think these 4 days were heaven and so much fun! Besides the beautiful Stone Town, there are some more little attractions like snorkeling, scuba diving, the Jozani forest, and the one and only Forodhani Garden full of food stalls of grilled fish, octopus, sugarcane juices, some odd yet tasty pizzas, soups and the list is endless! Hence this is Zanzibar, the island of blue oceans, white sand, rich heritage and the architecture, all so pleasing to the eye!

10 Incredible Facts about Wild Wild Africa….

Two days ago, I came back from a 14 days vacation to the richest continent I’ve ever seen in my life…AFRICA!! It is a land of resources in such abundance that it makes me feel that it can survive alone in this world! Well of course, I didn’t see it all and what I saw was a miniscule of the continent. I visited Kenya, Tanzania & Zanzibar!

I am going to write about all of them but for now, I want to write more about the strange and exotic wild life. Queer animals, their behaviour, and some strange incidences! Hmm…so what should I start with?

Masai Mara National Forest Reserve

Lets see…may be with some “Did you know” questions. Now the answers to all my questions may not really be found on the internet but are a result of a little bit of observation, a little bit of knowledge given to us by our guides and simply an urge to know more about these beautiful wild creatures…

1. Do you know why predators like lions or cheetahs travel in the opposite direction of the wind while hunting?
Guess!! Well we learnt that they often hunt in the opposite direction of the wind so that their scent does not travel far enough for the herbivores to find out that they will be hunted down soon….

Lionesses on a hunt..

2. Did you know why the wildebeest, zebras and gazelles in Africa migrate together?
The wildebeest have a strong sense of smell while the zebras have an excellent vision and gazelles have both is abundance and hence they protect each other from predators. One sees, the other one smells and cries out in a specific way to indicate that its time to run!

The Wildebeest and Zebras just migrated from Tanzania to Kenya

3. Did you know the zebras are wiser than the wildebeest?
During migration, while crossing the Mara river, the zebras let the wildebeest cross the rivers before know why? Its because they get eaten by the crocodiles and while the crocodiles are busy chewing their meals, the zebras get a free and hassel free passage through the waters.

The Wildebeest

The Zebras & Wildebeest migrating in a line..all together..

4. Did you know that the black rhino is actually grey?
Sighting a black rhino…..woah…you are lucky! Thats what my guide told me!! Anyway as soon as I saw one! I wondered, why is it called a black rhino when it is grey. But well thats that…its grey and much smaller, shyier and timid than the common grey one!

The Black & Grey Rhino

5. Did you know there was a species of monkeys with “Blue Balls”?
I was shocked, so shocked seeing the common monkey…brownish grey, with a velvet black face and an exotic sky blue colour to its balls!!! I almost stared at them…why blue??

Black velvet faced monkey with sky blue balls

6. Do you know why hippos gape?
It is a genuine yawn where the jaws are opened widely but not always! Gaping is also a standard threat display, exposing the obviously large lower canines. Its funny to see them lazying with their open jaws. They indeed have very long lower teeth!

Hippo lazing & yawning in Lake Naivasha

7. Did you know there are albino zebras?
Another very astounding sighting was the albino zebras! Well they are white with grey stripes on them! They are actually not albinos but another breed of our bold striped buddies though not so bold! Yeah…the albino zebra!!

The Albino Zebra

8. Did you know that the hyenas eat everything under the sun but it is not commonly hunted for its meat?
The Hyenas are not only scavengers but they eat anything and everything! They hunt in packs and eat their prey alive starting from the abdomen area! They are the nastiest, ugliest and stinkiest animals. Almost all animals stay away from them unless the hyenas interfere in their business.


9. Did you know that a giraffe sleeps for 5 to 20 minutes in 24 hours?
I loved these animals the moment I saw them. The first herd we saw was in Masai Mara. I was very surprised to see one sitting down and yet seemed so high up in the bushes. I asked my guide whether they actually sleep like this. He told me that they sleep sitting or lying or even standing up and not more than 20 mins. These naps last them for quite sometime.

A resting giraffe

10. Did you know elephants mourn over their dead and also make graves?
I read this wonderful book once called To the Elephant Graveyard by Tarquin Hall which is a true story of an elephant on rampant human killings which describes the behaviour of the creature. In Africa this time, I actually witnessed how wise and mighty this animal is. Of course, I didn’t see it making graves, definitely! We were narrated a story by some locals in the Aberdares Forest…it goes like this…..The Ark Lodge at Aberdares National Park overlooks a floodlit waterhole. A lot of animals come to drink water and also lick the mineral rich soil around the pond. A few years ago, a rhino and its baby along with a herd of 30-35 elephants came to the waterhole. The mother rhino got threatened by the elephants and attacked one of the baby elephant and as a result got trampled by the herd and died. Even though she didn’t belong to the herd, the elephants went in to the forest and brought a branch each and lay it on her. The locals from the lodge witnessed this disheartening yet an amazing incident. Thus, proving that these mighty creatures, the elephants build graves…..

Herd of Elephnats at a Waterhole in front of the Ark Lodge in Aberdares Forest

I am not sure if these little facts are very popular but I think they are incredible. The natural world blends and folds itself so perfectly in to each other that to imagine such wisdom and accuracy among animals is inconvinceible!

Chorla Ghat….untouched, dense, gorgeous!

I am sorry for not being around in the month of March. I totally missed being on the blog but time just flew and I didn’t get my hands on till today. Just last week, I went to this beautiful thick forest of the Chorla Ghat. One of the most dense ones I have seen after the Amazon. Well what can I say about its location…its situated on the borders on Maharashtra, Karnataka & Goa and I think all these states need to be proud of what they own!

View of Chorla Ghat

There isn’t much to write about except for the forest and its greenery, beautiful valley, cliffs, and this enchanting place we stayed at called Wildernest. I think it is so much better than just visiting Goa and hoping bar to bar or lazing on the beach. This two days trip, we hiked through the jungle, swam in the pool which overlooked the valley giving us an exceptional view of the sunset!

Cottages at Wildernest

The dining area of the resort

The best part of the hike was our 4 km walk to a small water body from our resort. The hike was through a very deep jungle with unsual raw smell of weeds, the crunching of dry leaves, calls from birds and monkeys and of course glimpses of grey lizards, tarantulas, butterflies and many small insects quite rarely spotted in cities.

Hike down to the river

The deep jungle of Chorla Ghat

Though it was hot, we hardly felt the heat since the canopy of trees over us protected us from the scorching heat. It gave us a thrill to go down to the dry water body. It did make us feel a bit sad to see no water but our curious member Bipin wanted to explore more and more. He made us walk upstream through the huge bolders and rocks which indeed did take a lot of time and effort! I should say the time and effort did pay off…..the sight we saw wasn’t spectacular but the little trickling water before us, made our day! It was completely unexpected so see one in the middle of the summers!

The dry river bed with the two lions of the jungle

Furthermore, there was another surprise….there were two coracles in the little pond! Wow that was something! None of us had ever been in one and it was indeed a treat for all of us to be able to have an experience in one! Our excitement knew no bounds and my friend Ashutosh decided to plunge in one! What followed after that was hilarious! The coracles had holes! Bipin and Ashutosh tried hard to sail down to the waterfall until they realised that if they do not get back to the shore, they would sink….sink in 4 feet!!! Hahahaha, Ritika and I could stop laughing! We giggled and chuckled till our eyes watered! Check out the pictures!

Our first bait in the Coracle...Ashutosh!

Ashutosh & Bipin before sinking!

One other attarction at Wildernest was its pool. It is the most stunning pool I was ever seen. We spent so much time in it, on one of the evenings! The water was warm and inviting, the sun was about to set and we just needed to laze after a long day! It was just so perfect….a perfect place to be when you need calm and peace!

Sunset while in The pool

Bipin and I, enjoying the evening in the pool

Ashutosh, Bipin & I...having some fun!

On way back to Belgaum, we visited this small, remote and beautiful village of Chorla! It was clean, the houses were all in one line with chillies drying in their front yards and villagers peering at their visitors, quite surpirsed to see us walk down to the Chorla temple. The simplest and sweetest I have ever seen!

Drying chillies

The Chorla Temple

The cool shade of the Chorla Temple

And so was our little trip to the place of the animals, trees, waterfalls and all such temperaments of nature which bring so much peace and happiness to our lives. It is so important for us to preserve and safe our planet Earth!

Fun Facts about a Fairytale City called Vienna

Vienna is an incredible city!!! Its like a fairytale with its palaces and royal mountains, rolled in a splendid package. From my trip there in 2002, I remember a few fun facts. This time, instead of writing about my time spent here, I would like to talk about its uniqueness.

Ok let me start with the funny, odd and impressive things that I noticed in this beautiful city.

One of its only kind and one of the oldest Giant Wheel is in Vienna, situated in a large wooded amusement park called Prater. It is as tall as 209 ft and is constructed in 1873. The voilently rocking Gondolas give a spectaculer view of the city.

The 209ft Giant Wheel in Prater

We travelled to this really strange part of the town which had a very queer looking building! It looked like a fairytale castle with a mixture of pinks, blues, yeallows, with odd-sized and shaped widows and even a wall which resembled an indoor mountain climbing wall. I kept thinking…is this a fairytale or reality? I guess it was reality called Hudertwasser’s Architecture. Here, everything we saw was to do with World famous classical composers, including Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Schubert, and Brahms.

I kept it a fairytale castle or reality? It was reality...its Huddertwasserhaus's Architecture

I always remember this place called the Schonbrunn Palace. I don’t have words to describe it…..lush, manicured, magical, enchanting…..I think I can go on… It was a place I would imagine Cinderella or the Sleeping Beauty must’ve lived. Of course, the pictures do not do justice to the place but believe me….it was one of its kind!

Schonbrunn a chile, I thought Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty must've lived here!

The Gardens of the Schonbrunn Palace

Hungry as we were and having a backpackers budget, we decided to stroll through a dainty flea market called Naschkmarkt to grab a bite. This place had some fabuluos finds like antiques and a few bargain-priced castaways. Some oddsome items like traditional hats, aged leather, retro toys seemed to enthral the crowd. Though I am not a big Kebab person, Bipin and I had a humungous lamb kebab just for Euros 3. It not only filled us up but I always remeber its delectable taste and till date haven’t found its match!

The Kebab of Naschmarkt Flea Market

The aisles of Naschmarkt Flea Market

One of the last things I was told was kids less than six years of age travel on Vienna’s public transportation system for free. Sunday and public holidays also mean ‘free-ride day’ for passengers that are aged fifteen and below. How considerate and incredible!

Mystic Sedona

Sedona….a place with a strange mixture of mysticism and splendour which comes across like a red world far far away! If I were to ever imagine planet Mars, it would be like Sedona!

The Red Rock City - Sedona

I got a chance to go there in 2005 while on our way to the Grand Canyon. I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the majestic red sandstone in contrast with a vast blue sky. Whether it is actually mystical or spiritual is something I wouldn’t know but the feeling that arises within you while you stand on the red earth in Sedona is a feeling that does not come very often…inexplicable and extraordinary.

Spiritual & Mystical Vortexes in Sedona

The grand terrain of Sedona

Vortexes – A Source of Power and Spirituality

The Bell Rock

A lot of people believe in the power of the vortexes buried in to the Red Rock city. Some very popular vortexes which emanate energy are Bell Rock, Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Schnebly Hill. These are related to the chakras or acupuncture point concept. People believe that when in proximity to these places, you may be affected to varying degrees; some people feel more relaxed and meditative or more energized in others. I did not hike up but I indeed got a tranquil feeling which doesn’t come very often. Honestly, whether these vortexes exist or not just doesn’t matter, the view of these rocks and rugged terrain is stunning and breath-taking. Sedona has a landscape that changes as time crawls from sunrise to sunset, its colour changing from pink, rust to hot red. Each element adds to its mystical quality. According to me, there is no right way to feel this energy and that, it is all about personal experiences.

Cathedral Rock - one of the masculin vortexes

Montezuma Castle & Well

Montezuma Castle

The Montezuma Castle is an incredible monument of the 1300 hundredth century. The castle is an apartment scaled in the rocky limestone cliff of a mountain standing guard over a valley below. The reason why it is so astounding is that it is a castle with 20 rooms and has five stories. It was built by the Sinaqua Indian Tribe which means “without water” about 700 years ago and abandoned in 1400 for reasons unknown. Another feature of the castle which amazes me is that the Sinaqua used ladders to climb up to the castle and as they reached each level, the ladders were pulled up until the dwelling was reached making it difficult for enemies to penetrate.

Montezuma Well with its canals

The saga of the Montezuma Well is something of its own. A little over 10 miles from the castle is the well, a sinkhole about 55 to 368 feet deep with perennial springs of warm water. According to the experts, it was used for irrigation and well-planned canal excavation can be seen around the water hole. It is beautiful, deep and mystical something that makes you want to know more.

While on our way to the Grand Canyon, I thought, whether you are spiritually inclined or not, you’re almost sure to find something that resonates with you in Sedona. It’s a Red paradise, a must see and a perplexing experience.

The Grand Canyon