Testimonial – A Contemporary Home

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For me my home is my comfort zone, a place where I relax, read, invite tons of guests, and strongly believe in keeping my house neat and tidy. For me it was very important that the space is managed well as it is a 2-BHK apartment. I love open windows and a lot of sunlight, therefore the color scheme had match this requirement. It was a prerequisite that I have enough storage in the small apartment. I have a penchant for contemporary style interiors. I like to simplify things. I like geometric patterns and fresh colors. Sonia had a great understanding of requirements and readily designed appropriate furniture and offered a varied choice in the colour scheme. My daughter had some fixed ideas about the colour scheme like she wanted a yellow sofa in the living room and Sonia suggested a gorgeous color scheme of grey, yellow, white and brown for the living room. I think Sonia has a disciplined way or working, tries her best to follow deadlines and very professional in her approach to work. I have received many compliments for my home and I am very happy with how Sonia has designed and decorated my home!
All the Best,

Shubhangi Deshpande
Divisional Manager, New India Assurance Co. Ltd., Pune

Trustee & Treasurer
Nari Samata Manch, Pune