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Ethnic Interior Decor – An Apartment tickled by Colour…

Mrs Chug
In this regards I’d like to make a mention that Sonia was very positive from the first. She had been very supportive and keen throughout the project and had guided me through all the process very well. Some of the great things about her are as follows:
1. Very humble and calm
2. Respectful and a good listener who listens to what your needs are and gives you the right decision.
3. Very precise in ordering raw materials. There is literally no waste after my work is done.
4. Very open to suggestions. Since she knew my budget was tight and if she had to make the beds it would cost more , she told me to buy them online which was a very good decision.
5. Very selective about her vendors. She has been working with vendors who don’t hurry and work as per your schedule.
6. Very proactive with the schedule. Since she knew I was on a tight schedule she finished everything on time.
7. Very responsible. She has been co ordinating with me very nucely. She has been very responsible for any issues that came in the home and had always given me the right decision.
8. She sees things through. No interior designer goes out with you to shop your home stuff. She had been very keen in seeing my home work through and went with my mom to various places to shop for stuff needed in the house.
These are some of her good qualities. I thank her to make my home really beautiful. I had actually given up prior to meeting her but now I see how beautiful my house has turned up in the same budget and I can’t just stop thinking her.
I have and will keep on referring her across. Thanks to her for making my house so beautiful. Something which was just a dream is now a reality in front of me. Thanks to you to have introduced me to her.