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An attractively decorated and well-organized classroom can have a big positive impact on both you and your students. Coming in every day to a cheerful and attractive space will lift your mood and inspire your teaching. For students, the design elements you choose can help create a comfortable and safe learning environment.


Whether you have desks or tables, you’ll want to think through where to put the students for seatwork. Different instruction styles require different seating arrangements. Small groups of desks make it easier for collaboration. Here we have 2 sets of seating, one in a small and the other in a large classroom.

Distinct Areas

It may be helpful to create different areas within the classroom. For example, a classroom might feature learning centers, small and large group areas, music areas, multimedia spaces and of course, your teacher space. You can make these unique spaces serve special purposes. Here we have worked with globes and maps!


Students will enjoy learning in a space that they feel a part of.  You may want to cover every inch of walls, but too many words and images can be distracting or overwhelming to students so we have left spaces where students decorate it to their liking.. Décor should reinforce learning, not just be a distraction.


Research now proves that many children need extensive mobility while learning. Provide opportunities for children to move around throughout your classroom rather by visiting the different distinct areas hence we have kept ample space for kids to move and remain active.

As a teacher, your classroom often becomes your second home. We have tried to make these classrooms to make it an inviting, comfortable place to be and to teach.

Testimonial – Traditional Marathi Waada Home

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When Tradition Meets Design – Marathi Puneri Wada

The first time I saw my 3-BHK flat, I knew that I want to utilize its spacious appeal to the maximum. My husband and in-laws hail from a small town Satara and owned a conventional “Waadaa” there. I wanted to recreate the charm of traditional waadaa for my family. I was looking out for a passionate, creative and easy on my pocket kind of a decorator. Sonia was an obvious choice, considering her “out of the box” designs and unending craving for natural colors and natural finish to anything she creates. We worked a lot together as most of our choices matched – may it be the idea of using “Khann” for curtains or decorating the place with natural rosewood furniture! My idea of getting a photo shoot done with my family in one of the real wadaas in Pune in traditional Maharashtrian attire was further enhanced through beautiful wooden frames with intricate carvings for the photos. She believes in balancing aesthetics with functionality, I can surely say that after staying there for 6 months. I think that makes her stand out from the typical commercial interior designers. She truly transformed my lifeless flat into a beautiful, lively HOME!
Thanks a ton,

Dr. Shalaka Shah
Head of Department – Psychology, 
MIT World Peace University, Pune                                                                          

Business Excellence Researcher,                                                                                                                     Steinbeis School of International Business & Entrepreneurship, Germany

Testimonial – Bohemian Moroccan Themed Home

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Boho-chic Rhapsody – Moroccan Bohemian Interior Design

Tanu Jolly
Product Manager

“Working with Sonia and her team, was an excellent constructive process. She helped me fix my place with all the civil work and together we agreed a brief, the interior design concepts and overall budget, which was limited. She effectively took over and managed the whole process but always keeping me informed and agreeing with me, everything from developing the designs for each room, and the items to be ordered. She also arranged quality local tradesmen to do the required sourcing, electrical and carpentry work. Throughout, The Livelywood team arranged the delivery schedule, the installation and ensured the rooms were completed in line with the agreed design, schedule and budget. Overall a good job done with excellent project management. I am very happy with the results and living in my new home.”


Every color has a certain impact on a décor. It’s simply a matter of style and looks. A color such as the best of  yellow, for example, is bright and eye-catching and it would be a cheerful addition to a space such as the living room. In this home, a  yellow couch is the centerpiece of the room. The question that remains in a contemporary interior design is “how will you decorate the space around it?” Simple with Greys & Whites!


Well, the options aren’t numerous. One idea we used were prints and patterns on the wall to integrate the yellow sofa into the living room without making it seem out of place. The accent pillows are quirky and fun and they combine well with the yellow on the sofa.

We’ve said this numerous times: yellow and gray are two colors that work beautifully together. They compliment each other nicely. One is fun and vibrant and the other one is dark and neutral. Together they create the perfect balance.

What we enjoy most about this seating area is the way the colors on the abstract wall frames reiterate throughout the space in various forms and blends in nicely.

If you prefer a décor that’s warm, welcoming and elegant without standing out in a bright or opulent way, this tone of yellow seems like a perfect choice, especially in combination with the golden wood finish and the surrounding neutrals. After all that’s a key to contemporary interior design!

But not all yellows have to be that bright and flashy. Mellow tones like greys can be very beautiful as well and they combine well with light wooden surfaces and with other soft colors. A sofa such as this one can be the unexpected touch of color in a neutral décor.yello


Testimonial – A Contemporary Home


Home – Colour, Art & Tradition Inspired!

View of the farms, feel of the winds and openness of the large windows inspired me to take up this project. A small splash of colour was the only thing required to make it look cosy and inviting.




The living room is large with its king size windows and a terrace which opens to a farmland so vast that it is unbelievable to conceive that it is a part of Pune. The owners had some sturdy Sagwan sofas with orange jute upholstery which became my focal point and helped me design the rest of the home. The dark brown furniture helped me to tone down the blues of the walls, orange of the sofas and the yellow of the lamps. We made the room look retro with its retro sofas and a mix and match of wall decor.


To accentuate its retro look, we designed a corner shelf and a little magazine table to balance out the spaces and to help them store things. Instead of using veneers and laminates, I decided to give it an old rugged look to match the rest of the living space.

6 7

I also wanted to use some original artwork in this area. It had to be something that nobody would have in their homes. We got some paintings done for less and from the scrap we had.



A corner of the room was also made to store CDs, music system and their TV with a little bar and glass cabinet.

10 11

A dance studio became one of the other important themes of this home. The room belongs to an upcoming dancer who according to me should wake up every morning feeling inspired. Hence the ‘dance studio room’!

12 13

I could not forget the hallway and the entrance. They had to be classy and inviting. They provided storage for shoes, helmets, tools, newspaper, and inverter.

14 15


16 17

Lastly the master bedroom, done traditional with so much sunshine and freshness and a mixture of art from various parts of India.



Testimonial – Colour Inspired Home with Antiques