Salon & Spa Interior Design – Along the Lotus Path – Mirror Stories

When we started working on the Mirror Stories, we came to the conclusion that all rooms of the salon should be entertaining. The salon & spa interior design should be a visual treat. It should help relax, stimulate conversation and revivify. We chose to give it a palatial lotus themed interiors as its main theme. Hence we used a tinge of bold colours and we weren’t afraid of it!

Best Lotus Themed Interior Design of a Salon & Spa 3

The salon was divided into 6 sections – Spa, Facial Room, Lobby, Pedicure & Manicure Space, Hair Styling Space and the Pantry. Each room specialized in its own way to make the client feel wonderful. The lotus themed interiors with the a rich color palette added glamour to the salon.  We used deep chocolate browns to create a rich, inviting look with crisp, white walls to keep the space from feeling too dark.



Best Lotus Themed Interior Design of a Salon & Spa 2

According to my mother and my aunt for whom I did this project, the spa had to portray warmth and welcoming look. They deeply wanted clients to feel pampered and rejuvenated. We made a strong statement in the room with palatial faux windows with mirrors installed in them and a bordering millwork to give a hint of luxury. Again this was achieved by making lotus themed windows. Then made a cabinet in an existing grove with displaying a beautiful serene painting of the Buddha with bold objet d’art to mesmerize the visitors. Let me tell you the painting is done by my aunt which made such a difference to that room.

Facial Room

Best Lotus Themed Interior Design of a Salon & Spa 1

We had enough place to accommodate 2 beds with a simple yet half festive ceiling, a stately chandelier like hanging lamps, and well-appointed palatial drapes that canopy the beds. The half ceiling had a beautiful lotus petal trim coloured in traditional pink with a pillar carved to make it more illustrious. One of the walls was adored with 2 beautiful lotus paintings across the chocolate brown walls. Made this place look serene and tranquil.


Best Lotus Themed Interior Design of a Salon & Spa

I thought over how the entrance should be… spacious, welcoming and should mesmerize people when they enter! We continued to have the palatial look with another faux window with a beautiful brass bust of the goddess Tara. Placed against the brown background the contrasts of gold, natural pinks and beige look fabulous. We also made a small soft board section to help them display their newest works again laced with lotus pink petals.

Pedicure & Manicure Space

Best Lotus themed Interior Design of Salon & Spa 2

Across from the lobby is a comfy sofa where one can rest their feet in rose petal water. The sofa has side shelves to rest your hands. We embellished the wall behind the sofa with the scrap material from the faux windows. We hung the chandelier like lamps from the ceiling and made the area look cozy and relaxing. Not to forget, we hung another wonderful painting of a Persian lady made by my aunt.

Best Lotus themed Interior Design of Salon & Spa 1

Hair Styling Space

Best Lotus themed Interior Design of Salon & Spa

Sometimes bigger and bolder adds a little drama to the space. It being a hair styling space, it had to have large mirrors. These mirrors were garnished with the same palatial look of carvings on the side, a lotus themed carved component on the top and richly painted in beige, pinks and turquoise. The entire room had the chandeliers hanging to give it a magnificence of royalty.




The Livelywood Studio

It has been a four years since I started Lively-wood. Nurturing and flowing with it made these years go by and I thought it was time to gift this endeavor a little something. It was time to progress a little! So a shabby little workshop turned into the Lively-wood Studio. A place to display my work, colour, ideas and every little thing that helps me create something new!!



To start with the mirrors, I needed a place to display each and every one of them so that I keep the artwork intact and at one glance, my customers or visitors have a chance to see them all. It also meant, having all the floor space for other things.



A desk with knick-knacks that motivate me, was an important element. I had preserved these mementos from my college days which had abundant memories yet were packed in boxes. I had to get all of it out along with some recycled clocks and put it up right there. I had a artwork, lying around from a project, that I didn’t want to throw and was wondering how best to put it to use. So this leftover work turns into a bright bold red grid with the mementos and all my paper gets a display on the soft board hung over my desk!







Like I mentioned in one of my earlier post, I am going crazy recycling! Yes, I went crazy re-using as much as possible even this time! I started with using two steel cut outs which were lying around from Bipin’s Dad’s factory in the scrap heap. I coloured them and displayed them at the entrance of my studio. For now, I think they look great there! The next I re-used was a window grid made with very good quality sagwan or teak wood. I decided to paint it deep blue and used it as my little chandelier! The list like that, goes on and on…




Lastly, I wanted to display whatever was left behind. A ceramic bell, paper lights, a bird cage and so many little knick-knacks!

















Its so nice when some loved ones visit you. I loved taking them to my studio and also felt good to be appreciated.

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Home – Colour, Art & Tradition Inspired!

View of the farms, feel of the winds and openness of the large windows inspired me to take up this project. A small splash of colour was the only thing required to make it look cosy and inviting.




The living room is large with its king size windows and a terrace which opens to a farmland so vast that it is unbelievable to conceive that it is a part of Pune. The owners had some sturdy Sagwan sofas with orange jute upholstery which became my focal point and helped me design the rest of the home. The dark brown furniture helped me to tone down the blues of the walls, orange of the sofas and the yellow of the lamps. We made the room look retro with its retro sofas and a mix and match of wall decor.


To accentuate its retro look, we designed a corner shelf and a little magazine table to balance out the spaces and to help them store things. Instead of using veneers and laminates, I decided to give it an old rugged look to match the rest of the living space.

6 7

I also wanted to use some original artwork in this area. It had to be something that nobody would have in their homes. We got some paintings done for less and from the scrap we had.



A corner of the room was also made to store CDs, music system and their TV with a little bar and glass cabinet.

10 11

A dance studio became one of the other important themes of this home. The room belongs to an upcoming dancer who according to me should wake up every morning feeling inspired. Hence the ‘dance studio room’!

12 13

I could not forget the hallway and the entrance. They had to be classy and inviting. They provided storage for shoes, helmets, tools, newspaper, and inverter.

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Lastly the master bedroom, done traditional with so much sunshine and freshness and a mixture of art from various parts of India.



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