When Tradition Meets Design – Marathi Puneri Wada

When tradition meets design…history is recreated. In sync with the rich ‘ Marathi Vada’ culture of times gone by, my team and I present our latest offering for your eyes only. Adorned with arches, flowing curtains, chandeliers & carvings, this home is based on the concept of Puneri Vadas. A space with a beautiful amalgamation of rich colours, wooden finishes and wall art with a touch of timeline photography. Not to mention the ease of functionality which gives the owners the class of history with a contemporary touch!

Best Puneri Vada Interiors

The Triple Jharonkas and shimmering beaded curtains and endless brass embellishments makes the living space looks rich and deep in colour.

Best Puneri Vada Interiors 1

The chandelier with its machine cut jaali work emphasizes the influence of the Persian, Rajasthani  & Gujarati architecture. This living room is a rich cultural heritage, wrapped in small elements such as brass artifacts, bright rich colours, the flowing Khann fabric (typical fabric belonging to  the state of Maharashtra)  curtains, jaali work and elegance of teak wood.

Best Puneri Vada Interiors 2

Isn’t this a fun corner? Dating back to various generations, swings have been a part of our culture and interiors always. When you step into a typical Marathi Vada(home) , you will find a traditional  flat teak wood jhoola. A treasured asset for your interiors and the best therapy to bust out the stress after a long day, swings are just a perfection creation. Adding a fun element to this living room, indoor swings have become very popular. This new trend is being loved by people of all age groups from kids to youngsters to elderly people.

Best Puneri Vada Interiors 3

For many people, the dining room is their centrepiece—the place that they entertain guests and share family meals. When you are trying to place tables and chairs, lighting, and storage cabinets, space is a major consideration. This dining room shows impeccable harmony with the living space. Everything works together, from the ceiling lighting to the flooring, to the walls and the table serving 10 people at one time.

Best Ethnic Interior Design

We adorned this traditional home with typical Marathi vintage photographs. The Tambe family flaunted the subtle traditions of sarees and hairstyles to match their beautiful home in their photographs. This also became the main wall decor of each room.

Best Ethnic Interiors1

Moving on to the bedrooms Indian style interior design is among the most exotic, interesting and complex decor styles to work with. Due to the differences in the culture, history and art across the country,  Indian interior design has many variants. Here, we played with bold reds and deep greens embellished with golden. We also enhanced the walls with typical Marathi style portraits of this beautiful family. Here, functionality was a top priority. The poster bed was made to have ample storage below  and a desk was created because Shalaka and her husband work a lot from home…

Best Ethnic Interiors of Bedroom

Along the other side on the right a beautiful book shelf was made with mirror and jaali work in its background and on the left is a spacious walk-in closet to avoid any clutter in the main stream area.

Best Ethnic Green Bedroom

Moving in to another traditional bedroom, the pleasing greens and classy wood finishes, make this room look spacious. India is historically famous for its beautiful fabrics. Here, fabrics give a  fluid feel to this space. The wallpaper has beautiful initialized version of  intricate mandala motifs. Overall this Marathi Vada has an effect which is rich and decorative.

Last but not the least, we enhanced the porch with timeline photography of the family. We did not forget the typical Vada style vintage chandelier, a rich carpet and brass embellishments.




Testimonial – Traditional Marathi Waada Home



Boho-chic Rhapsody – Moroccan Bohemian Interior Design

Best Bohemian Moroccan Interior Design

Warm like sunshine and as keen as ever, I did this little budget home for a friend named Tanu. An IT gal from Delhi is now a home owner in my very own city of Pune. We started out with a lot of civil work since the apartment is pretty old. Changing tiles, plumbing, window treatments and a lot of such work took us a while to get to the interiors of her home. Meanwhile it gave us ample time to think over a theme for this cozy place. Hence, it was decided that an enchanting, warm look of Moroccan-bohemian interior design will be a delightful and captivating style for her!

Best Bohemian Moroccan Interior Design 1

We started with patterned tiles. Tiles add that touch of WOW into your Moroccan- bohemian decor and we used it for her kitchen and the wash basin area. The tones of rust, turquoise and browns of the tiles blend in to the rustic look of her space.

Best Bohemian Moroccan Style Interior Design 2

Large patterned windows are a must for such a décor but since we had a tight budget, we worked with the interior of the window. We gave a slightly worn, almost shabby chic feel to it and they did look pleasantly aged!

Best Jaali Work Bar

For more on bars, go to http://livelywood.in/furniture-2/bars-2/

Since Tanu’s apartment is small we decided to work with whites and sunshine yellow on the walls. Alongside a cooler palette of brilliant white, we chose wood. When we started work in her kitchen, she mentioned she wanted a simple breakfast table with stools and a small bar beside it. She wanted a comfy seating especially when she came home from work. So we started a building a simple breakfast table with a small wall mounted bar. Since we chose Moroccan-bohemian as our theme, we decided to carve them out and give it a brilliant blue laced with golden against a neutral backdrop of the white washed walls.

Best Moroccan-Bohemian-Style-Interior-Design 3

Best Jaali Lamp - Moroccan Bohemian Interior Design

To make it more fun we hung a golden bronze lamp which created an ambient, seductive look and had a wonderful addition of pattern which splashes out during the evenings when switched on.

Boho-chic Livings Space

Best Moroccan Interior Design 4

Best Moroccan Bohemian Interior Design 5






Best Moroccan Bohemian Interior Design 5

Defining a mood and theme for the living room influences color selection. Soft gold with rich maroons and midnight blue created a romantic version of a Moroccan-bohemian color scheme here.  We worked on low seating a few inexpensive floor cushions, carved elements, and simple rug. Since an ornate touch to this room was essential, we made a long horizontal mirror with bold gold motifs and to spice it up, we made a golden blended rustic, carved coffee table. Later we adorned the walls with masks and traditional drapes.

Refurbished Turquoise Main Door

Best Refurbished Moroccan Door in Interior Design

The main door had its own charm. This door was in her aisle of her apartment, and which was totally unnecessary. Hence we took it off and painted it deep turquoise blue. We bought a solid iron grid from a flea store and gave it this magnificent golden look. We had a lovely refurbished main door with its new safety features. How could we forget that the entrance to any home has to be intriguing?!

Green Rich Bedroom

Best Green Bedroom Interior Design


Moving to her bedroom, she wanted it to be subtle and fresh. We chose a palette of lime green, white and golden. Placed a rug and did her dresser splendidly!

Best Moroccan Bohemian Quirky Interior Design

Best Moroccan Bohemian Quirky Interior Design 2








Lastly we moved to this extra room she has where she wanted to give it a total boho chic look!  A spare room where an office was made with all her peculiar things displayed. It got enhanced with a lovely poster of a very popular Bollywood film along with puppets and books and a huge toy car! So, here is a room with bright colours, crazy patterns and artistic atmosphere.

Mix of boho chic and Morroccon is what we gave this small apartment its makeover! A small space with a vintage feel, a rustic style, loads of romance yet a whole lot stylish!


Testimonial – Bohemian Moroccan Themed Home