BMC Software Cafeteria – Bangalore

Creating a cafeteria in an office space that’s unique, breathtaking, and functional is no easy task. We tried to go over, under, and through, with the most impressive cafeteria details for BMC Software, Bangalore. A small building tucked amidst the glamorous area of Bangalore, stands BMC Software. BMC needed a chic cafeteria on its 4th floor which needed a lot of remodeling. Here, we added gaming zone, kitchen, high seating counters to enjoy the view, service counters, projector screening area which centered around masquerading Bangalore city & its eateries with a good tucked bookshelf. So lets cover all the elements and challenges of this space!

How We used Nooks, Crannies & Walls
After redoing this 4th floor cafeteria gave a sense of being some place else rather than in office while having food or taking a break from work! Prior, It was too colourful and was definitely not planned. Infact it was quite flavourless !  After renovation, its wild color scheme, wall graphics of Bangalore city and unusual angles nodded to the innovative spirit of the company. We divided the space into 4 areas, gaming zone, the kitchen, high seating overlooking the city and space meant to host social events. All its nooks, crannies and walls were used up!
Vibrant Spirit, Captured in Full Color
The whimsy of this creative cafeteria extended into the gaming zone, where one can see the popular Bangalore food junctions graphics.  Clubbed with its carom board and TT  table,  meets the vibrant wall graphics, wooden faux pas flooring and bright bold lights. This space needed “wide open spirit” to be reflected in the common areas. And so it did!
Preserving the Existing – Rich &  Bright
We designers always try to preserve original elements such as existing facade, the windows, most of the ceiling and found a way to soften the decor by adding a series of delicate details such as blinds, brick wallpaper. We also employed a color palette based on bright wall graphics to light wooden flooring and grass alike carpet to spruce up the high table space!
Flexible & Functional

Also since this BMC office is small they even hold meetings, social events etc in this space, we added a projector screen wall making it a easy for any screening while making the back side of this wall into a store room creating a good amount of functionality! We also designed foldable tables and racking chairs which could be removed or arranged for any event. This is one of the most important feature we worked on in this oddly shaped area. We turned this event hall cum cafeteria into a comfortable, friendly and welcoming space meant to host social events and to bring people together.

Illuminating with Pop of Color Pendants

Since we made the facade area of this cafeteria a bit quintessential and create a bar like effect, it gave a touch of style to this space. Prior to the remodeling, this space was used as a store room. These hanging pendant lights are crafted making this space look trendy!

Lead Time Zoomed!

Handing over the site much before the promised time has always been our forte! Despite the fact that we are based out of Pune, our designs, 3Ds, team, raw material and all the other little things were delivered and installed perfectly in sync with the target date!

So to conclude, this oddly shaped building gets it cafeteria with a culture of spontaneity, collaboration with versatility and is splashed with color! The so-called breakout space, pictured above, is scattered with all the necessary things the company requires for socials, food, games and leisure!

This project is a collaborative effort of Amit Laghate Contractors & Designers and Livelywood.

Quirky Boutique

Sometimes decorating boutiques is so much fun when its fill of creative items you have made for them! The post here is full of how creative Livelywood gets every single time!

It all started with a swivel Persian Trunk which actually is a movable wine cellar!

Then comes the night stand…all black yet has a wine holder in it!

…And how could we miss the wall mirrors? Called it Tashi Delek, inspired by my travel to Sikkim!

Moving on with the delicate Starry Night mounted on the wall of the fashion section of the boutique!

The retro styles of the mirror and yellows of the walls, makes this decor so intriguing!

For people with a passion to read…this red book stand sold off within a few days!

…And neither did this bookshelf stay too long!

Leisure Lounge @ Home!!

Most of us have little getaways from our mundane lives; and certainly, we need to have at least some of them near us! Well that’s how the idea of the Leisure Lounge came up!

A room not bigger than 400 sq ft needed to be converted in to a lounge area which would accommodate several things and yet make it look like a lounge. The area needed to fit in a book case, study, storage, loft, a bar, a cabinet to showcase a shot glass collection and a stage to accommodate a drum set and other smaller drums from West Africa and Middle East. Now the challenge was to be able to fit so many things in 400 sq ft without cluttering the space and still making it look classy, roomy and artistic!


Very few people have an inclination of collecting something special that will remind them of a place, person or an incident. Here, the challenge was to be able to accommodate over 120 shot glasses collected from travels all over the world. A cabinet had to be made to display, preserve and present the collection.


For more on Bars, go to












Next came in another very interesting feature yet a little discreet and innovative. A bar had to be made in a way that an outsider would not know, yet when opened, gave you a surprise! A chic painting with miniature bottles studded on the door of the bar makes it unique and funky! Along with a regular bar, a mobile wine cellar with bottle holders and a tray was also made to be able to push it around to other rooms.


Since this room is a mixture of some fun and work, a study and book case had to be accommodated. More than 200 books needed to be placed and protected from the ever increasing dust. Despite the space constraint in the bookshelf, a small feature had to be added to break the tedium of the quadrangle. An illuminated square was fixed off centre in the bookcase with zigzag shelves which flaunted odd some objects breaking the monotony of its content.


A long desk was made with two storage cabinets. The one on the left was made permanent while the one on the right is movable in order to fit two people on the same desk if need be.


Lastly, the room couldn’t be complete without a platform to hold a striking collection of drum set. The reason for the elevation of the podium was to reduce noise and vibrations produced while playing. Taking advantage of the height, some storage was also created under the stage. The wall and door that bordered the drums was demolished and a glass was fixed in order to cut the noise that made its way outside.

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