Ethnic Interior Decor – An Apartment tickled by Colour…

Tickled by colour, Kaushik and his mother quite liked the idea of using warm colours & patterns and bringing in a touch of ethnicity into their small apartment. Personally, I thought an ethnic touch in this house would be a unique way to bring in all their tangibles  in a classic and electrifying style. Hence, ethnic interior decor it was!


So, after choosing a theme, I began working towards two key elements  the “texture and rich colours”. If you look into the history of Indian designs, you will notice that the Indians have an inclination for rich, warm colors. Reds, yellows and oranges have always been the first choice of  any Indian in terms of traditional interior design. I needed to keep one thing in mind, i.e the space was small, any design or colour would still maintain its openness.

Ethnic Living Room

Best Ethnic Interior Decor 3

In the living room,  I collaborated  bright red color on the furniture and the color blue on the entertainment centre which soothes the small space keeping it open and airy. The Madhubani wall mural with its splash of colour and its tradtional ikat print curtains balances the bold yet minimalist look in the living space. Gives rise to the ethnic interior decor.

Best Ethnic Interior Decor Madhubani Wall Art

The idea of wall art can be explored in a very creative and beautiful way. I wanted to create an effect of a cozy seating in the shade of a beautiful tree to bring in the nature. You could do this in your home. Great way to utilize a bare wall in the Indian way, right?

Floral Bedroom

Best Ethnic Interior Decor 2

We Indians are known for our colours and textiles, which are incorporated everywhere from window treatments to throw pillows to wall hangings. Here, in the master bedroom, the bed was injected with a beautiful hand-made Rajasthani throw and throw pillows in assorted patterns.

Kaushik’s mother loves flowers, hence we decided to incorporate floral designs which, for her, are like breath of fresh air. We chose floral design wallpaper as a back splash for her bedroom which enhanced the look and she claims it triggers happy thoughts and pleasant disposition.

Best Ethnic Interior Decor 1

The simple functional wardrobe was also adorned with a little hand-painted dresser in the corner to bring in the splash of colour to the expanse of rusty wooden browns.

Best Ethnic Interior Decor Brown Orange

Moving to the second bedroom, small as it was, for a single young mad, we decided to keep the colours fresh and neutral. Here, I chose a combination of blue and dark brown to give it a solid wood effect. With a back splash of a cool blue wall paper and the solid dark brown bed, study table and wardrobe, the room had a calming vibe. A mixed geometric pattern of stripes  added to the visual interest.

The Bachelor’s Den

Best Ethnic Blue Interior Decor

So this was a walk through this small yet cozy home of the Chugs. Nevertheless it is always good to look for  a color scheme that runs through each style and suits every temperature. I sure loved doing this home and had a wonderful time imagining it as my own.


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