Quirky Boutique

Sometimes decorating boutiques is so much fun when its fill of creative items you have made for them! The post here is full of how creative Livelywood gets every single time!

It all started with a swivel Persian Trunk which actually is a movable wine cellar!

Then comes the night stand…all black yet has a wine holder in it!

…And how could we miss the wall mirrors? Called it Tashi Delek, inspired by my travel to Sikkim!

Moving on with the delicate Starry Night mounted on the wall of the fashion section of the boutique!

The retro styles of the mirror and yellows of the walls, makes this decor so intriguing!

For people with a passion to read…this red book stand sold off within a few days!

…And neither did this bookshelf stay too long!


Every color has a certain impact on a décor. It’s simply a matter of style and looks. A color such as the best of  yellow, for example, is bright and eye-catching and it would be a cheerful addition to a space such as the living room. In this home, a  yellow couch is the centerpiece of the room. The question that remains in a contemporary interior design is “how will you decorate the space around it?” Simple with Greys & Whites!


Well, the options aren’t numerous. One idea we used were prints and patterns on the wall to integrate the yellow sofa into the living room without making it seem out of place. The accent pillows are quirky and fun and they combine well with the yellow on the sofa.

We’ve said this numerous times: yellow and gray are two colors that work beautifully together. They compliment each other nicely. One is fun and vibrant and the other one is dark and neutral. Together they create the perfect balance.

What we enjoy most about this seating area is the way the colors on the abstract wall frames reiterate throughout the space in various forms and blends in nicely.

If you prefer a décor that’s warm, welcoming and elegant without standing out in a bright or opulent way, this tone of yellow seems like a perfect choice, especially in combination with the golden wood finish and the surrounding neutrals. After all that’s a key to contemporary interior design!

But not all yellows have to be that bright and flashy. Mellow tones like greys can be very beautiful as well and they combine well with light wooden surfaces and with other soft colors. A sofa such as this one can be the unexpected touch of color in a neutral décor.yello


Testimonial – A Contemporary Home


Home with a Love Affair with Whites!

Whether you call it modern minimalism,  or just a sheer love affair with neutrals, it’s impossible to escape and just how popular all-white interiors seem to be right now. Whilst the reasons for this obsession seem rich and varied, the depth of this trend’s effect is astounding, the potential  the expectations incredibly daunting! Choosing a white colour scheme may seem like the safe option, but there’s a world of difference between a fabulously chic aesthetic and a stark, bland space.

In Salim Shaikh’s home, he seemed inclined to a  modern home with an Islamic style twist.
For example, the golden geometric patterns of the mirror, decorative lanterns that boast an classy style and glow beautifully against austere white walls that reflect modernity.

We introduced a myriad of different textures to a white room. Textured bed linen, velvet lounges cushions, splashes of golden and silver – these all work to add elements of tactile warmth to what can be an otherwise sterile environment. Plenty of greenery in the terrace is always a good idea to add a textural element to an all-white room and planters or plants stands can help add a little bonus splash of colour to your interior. The idea is to add textural layers into an all-white base, this really is the key to achieving a chic and cohesive all-white look in any interior.


Fitness Studio – Inposture

My client Anand owns one of the best fitness studio on the busy Law College road of Pune. He is brilliant and excellent in his profession and helps people to reduce ailments and look lean, healthy and fit. So here is where I came into the picture and we decided to make this place chic and functional!

Best Fitness Studio

Best Fitness Studio Interior Design

Figuring out the perfect layout was key to design this fitness studio. The small space meant having to lay out all the equipment perfectly. The lighting, weights, space for functional training and rubber flooring had to be all placed perfectly.

A Well-Balanced Space

Best Fitness Studio Interior Design 2

In order utilize his space  to the fullest, we decided to align all the machines by the wall and use the space in the middle for more functional training.  To maintain a serene and airy look, we  used whites on walls, a nice rustic texture of beige to the ceiling and gave a splash of rust to the beams. This deep rust added an accent and energy to the space.

Clutter-Free Consciousness


Best Fitness Studio Interior Design

Fitness studios must be clean and minimal so that students can remain focused and clear-headed. In order to keep his essential supplies nearby, neat and uncluttered, we designed a cabinet to organize yoga mats, therapeutic bands, some small weights and a foam roll. All and all has its place and makes the space look very clean.

Overcoming Challenges


Best Fitness Studio Interior Design 1

The dark gym flooring presented the most challenges. In its original condition, the space underfoot was made up of regular tiles. Here, the challenge was to make the space look big despite the black flooring. But with its whites and beiges  and the king-size windows, this small studio looks smart and chic!

Peace and Lighting


Anand wanted his place to look warm, yet  crisp. To do this in a non-literal manner,  we installed fabricated beams with industrial track lights indicative of lighting found in industries. We also gave a back light to the humongous mirrors which brings warmth yet gives a little fancy look to the place, also bringing in the feeling of peace.

A Desk Area & A Cabin


Anand uses a desk area in his little cabin to attend to his clients. He opted for a classic, white table with a glass top with movable drawers made for filing to keep the space clean and clutter-free.
Working on the little aspects of this studio made this experience very pleasurable. Not only did we achieve most of what Anand wanted but we also made this fitness studio very chic, functional and organised!

Turkey Inspired Interiors

This old British home with small honeycomb rooms needed a makeover! Rita and her husband were frequent travelers to Turkey due to business and hence it was decided to convert this ancestral home in the best Turkish way!  This home reflects rich cultural traditions and history and is characterized by intricate carvings, arched doorways, and colorful fabrics. Unfortunately, it being a very old project, all photographs are scanned from hard copies.

Living Space the Turkey Way!

Whats a best part of a living space when natural arches already adorn it! In this small alcove of the living space, a divan was kept. Here this piece of furniture is a combination of delicately-carved wooden piece and plush over-stuffed upholstery. The rough stucco walls were painted peach. Textiles play an important role in this project which create a natural flow. Here a natural white fabric was used to frame the alcove and a woolen woven rug that was placed in front of the divan.

While on the other side of the living space which disconnect slightly, a plain white rustic wall was made on the back drop and a plush red sofa was fitted in the small space. A perception of space was created by placing a beautiful fluid blue painting over it with some antique chairs and white natural drapes! The place looked stunning and breezy!

Unpretentious Dining Room

In this old home, the dining room with its collection of old photographs and its unpretentious furniture adds a note of frivolity. Assembled were all old wares of this home,  and this lovely dining area was created. On the way to the dining area, a lovely seating was created with another upholstered divan. Typical earthenware was placed in the stand above it and bright bold cushions were thrown on the divan. This whole area was placed between typical mosaic tiles which adorned the lower walls.

A small space was created at a tiny veranda at the entrance. A place to relax in the morning sun with simple cane chair and an old fashioned tea table with antiques like clocks and wall frames made the place look very rustic! Parallel to it, small artifacts were placed on the wall. It gave one of the best Turkish feature to the area!

Simple Entryway

Rich & Lush Bedroom

Who would call this bedroom small when the hand woven rug made its way up the wall and the bed got natural white bed sheets! Simple, small and yet elegant!

Orange Guest Bedroom

The old British era homes still have ample rooms! Here, a small bedroom overlooking a littlepatio with a basic bed with bright orange patterned Turkish upholstery was created. For a side table, a wicker basket box was used! It served perfect when guests arrived!

Best Turkish Interiors 7

Turkish Blue Main Door

Last but not the least…the beautiful bold blue of the main door makes this the entrance so intriguing! Unfortunate this is one of the old yet the best Turkish projects without good pictures. Some wooden semicircular beads were pasted on the door with ornate brass ware and look how gorgeous the door looks!

Best Blue Doors


British Colonial Home Interiors

The British Colonial style has always been a favorite of mine and not easy to find and definitely needs a good understandings of its origins. I am sorry for the old pictures but when we did this place, we hardly used digital cameras and of course I didn’t care to shoot my projects well…

The British were forerunners of the Colonial, also called Plantation, style where they left many of their interior decorating influences in their colonies around the world from Calcutta (then Fort William), India, to the West Indies, Singapore, and Caribbean islands such as Barbados, Turks & Caicos, Trinidad & Tobago, and the British Virgin Islands. Mixing in with the local aesthetics and needs that were guided by the tropical climate, the style that resulted was a blend of island style and English sophistication.

It all starts with light (often white) walls were combined with dark wood furnishings and flooring to bring a sophistication with carved teak or ebony furniture, airy window treatments, and local ethnic accessories.  It’s a well-traveled look, and is still very popular today.

High Ceiling

Best Sofa

The older homes did emphasize on high ceilings. India being a tropical country, which is warm most times it seemed like a very pragmatic practice.  Warm air rises, so allowing it to inhabit the upper reaches of a room only makes sense.

Light Colors

Light colored walls with reflective paint adorned all the rooms, making the spaces feel light and airy…at least visually.

Deep Verandas

Best Entryway Bench

Sitting outside in the evenings on a veranda facing north or east provided a respite from the oppressive heat that was a part of life in hot, humid climates. We creates a white washed veranda and placed a simple teak wood bench and threw splendid white upholstery on it. Of course, who could forget the strange yet lovely artwork?

Campaign Furniture

Best Chest of Drawers

Folding wooden chairs, writing desks, and collapsible beds, chests, and cabinets became known as campaign furniture. It also looks so simple yet has a deep character. I loved how the chest of drawers and dining chairs make the place look beautiful. Here we hand-painted the chest of drawers to give it a twist.

Window Treatments

Best Saree Curtains

Lightweight and sometimes sheer cottons and linens were often used at the windows. Shutters helped control strong breezes and shut out tropical storms in British Colonial homes. Here we added a small new sofa with saree curtains and some Turkish hanging lamps to bring in the amalgamation of India and Britain.

Eclectic Accessories

A lot of eclectic and frames and artwork was used from the clients travel and ancestral property. Their home was a treasure to carved pieces, globes, boxes, magnifying glasses, and a wealth of ethnic accent pieces made locally and at a very undervalued price.




The Minimalist & Contemporary Story

Design of this contemporary home was based on the open concept and minimalism. That’s not your style they say yet style is something one creates. So from ethnic to contemporary, what Nina wanted was most important and she wanted contemporary.

So here, we mixed some earthy with industrial.  Its a home with metal, glass, wood, fabric and straight lines! So when I floated photos of this home, I was asked “Someone cool must live here.” That’s basically what we think any time we come across an image of a contemporary eclectic home.

Best Contemporary Living room

Here, neutrals, mahogany brown, and white are the main colors. We used a white sofa and accentuated the floor with a traditional dhuri or a rug. We textured the lower side of the wall with a brick like wall paper and let the living room look simple, subtle and sophisticated.

Best Contemporary Corridor

The small corridor from the living room to the dining was the most obvious and distinctive element of a contemporary style interiors of this small apartment.  Straight lines with fabricated furniture is the focus of this area. The bare yet textured space on walls, between pieces of furniture, and above in upper areas, becomes as important as the areas filled with objects. I personally feel in contemporary interiors, less is more. Each piece stands out as individual and unique.

In this apartment, We have tried to focus of furniture which makes a bold statement yet is simple and uncluttered, without curves or decoration. Here in her bedroom, smooth, clean, geometric shapes were essential with neutral tones in textured natural fibers. Hence there is no skirt, trim, fringe, or tassels anywhere. With textures like Natural grey tone wall paper, metal and glass…this room is airy and simple.

Another piece we fabricated to get good strength was a open and cool bookshelf by the breakfast table. Here, we abolish cute and small… we made a basic, bare, bold, and structural book shelf which looks awesome!

In the little balcony of this space, we places a red bold chair to draw the eye. We wanted to move the focus a bit from the straight lines. It left a casual bohemian vibe of this space.

Best Red Chair

For me, interiors showcase space rather than things. By focusing on color, space, and shape, today’s contemporary interiors are comfortable and welcoming without being cluttered.


Home – Colour, Art & Tradition Inspired!

View of the farms, feel of the winds and openness of the large windows inspired me to take up this project. A small splash of colour was the only thing required to make it look cosy and inviting.




The living room is large with its king size windows and a terrace which opens to a farmland so vast that it is unbelievable to conceive that it is a part of Pune. The owners had some sturdy Sagwan sofas with orange jute upholstery which became my focal point and helped me design the rest of the home. The dark brown furniture helped me to tone down the blues of the walls, orange of the sofas and the yellow of the lamps. We made the room look retro with its retro sofas and a mix and match of wall decor.


To accentuate its retro look, we designed a corner shelf and a little magazine table to balance out the spaces and to help them store things. Instead of using veneers and laminates, I decided to give it an old rugged look to match the rest of the living space.

6 7

I also wanted to use some original artwork in this area. It had to be something that nobody would have in their homes. We got some paintings done for less and from the scrap we had.



A corner of the room was also made to store CDs, music system and their TV with a little bar and glass cabinet.

10 11

A dance studio became one of the other important themes of this home. The room belongs to an upcoming dancer who according to me should wake up every morning feeling inspired. Hence the ‘dance studio room’!

12 13

I could not forget the hallway and the entrance. They had to be classy and inviting. They provided storage for shoes, helmets, tools, newspaper, and inverter.

14 15


16 17

Lastly the master bedroom, done traditional with so much sunshine and freshness and a mixture of art from various parts of India.



Testimonial – Colour Inspired Home with Antiques



The White Loop Quarters

Sometimes you have 4 walls, a pale ceiling, some windows and an opening to a terrace and a bright flooring, you love it and yet you hate! You want a change, you want to liven it up again, re-do it without breaking a bank or endure a complete re-model. The answer is-you guessed it-in the details.

The changes I’m suggesting fall into four main categories:

You’ll be surprised at how much you can do with a paintbrush and acceptance of the fact that less really is more –



A major change that will occur in your house is after you paint. Start by the basic, how do you want your room to look? Bright, Colourful, Pale, Pastel? What colour will match the shade of your floor and furniture? Test some colors in different lights. Experiment.Do not be scared to try something new. The White Loop Quarters project I worked with, needed light, lots of it. It has a low ceiling and maroon flooring which made it look smaller despite a good room size.



Just like you wear a beautiful necklace to accentuate your dress, lighting makes whatever else you have on look even better. It transforms the place and brings in warmth. Dim spots in the room can be highlighted with standing lamps. In this room I wanted to make it look cozy yet bright hence standing white lamp against the yellow walls gave a gentle glow to the room.



One of the important elements of re-doing space is furniture. The living room had too many subtle tones of yellow, brown and white. I needed to perk it up yet, not pick anything too bold which would make the room look smaller. Hence the sofas were designed and made with teak wood and turquoise polka dots upholstery. We threw pink cushions on it to give a slight splash of colour.


A slender ‘L’ shaped coffee table was made which essentially consumed less space and a taller side table was fixed in the corner to add interest and scale. The room felt clean and roomy. Such an obscure piece of furniture, sometimes, does the deal!

A tall pane-like entertainment centre was placed diagonally with the wall. It served a purpose of a divider between the living and dinning area and it concealed the clutter. No place in the middle of the room could be allocated to accommodate the TV and its accessories since it could kill the perception of space. Hence an odd wall was picked to showcase the same.



Pillows, pots, lamps…..flowers, etc add visual interest and substance. Accessories are both a blessing and a curse. This living room benefits from the bold pink pillows on the turquoise blue sofas.


Another accessory is the mantle or shelf fixed on the wall. Framed by red vases, and stripped of clutter, the mantle looks clean and dramatic.


One of the real focal points for the room is the White Loop divider! The huge room had to be segregated into two – living and the dinning. White, cascading loops being the pattern, stole the show! It gave a punch to the room and yet did its job of partial separation!