Testimonial for Street Style Quaint Cafe

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Quaint Cafe Interiors- EATMOSPHERE it is…..

Manish Rajpal
Owner & Chef – Eatmoshpere
Establishing our cafe, Eatmosphere was like giving birth to a baby. You want everything about it to be extra special, you want to careful about every detail. When you think of any cafe, what flashes in front of your eyes is a commercial place. We wanted each nook and corner to have a personal touch. Sonia did up the cafe and with that also came each table that was hand painted. the picture frames and artifacts on the walls were all hand made. Infact the painters dabbed all the walls with a piece of cloth in the cafe. the team searched for a special leaf that was used as a motif for the floor. mirrors with art were used to make the space look bigger. While importing our glassware, a few cups got damaged. Sonia quickly turned them into planters and we were happy we dint have to throw away the cups. while art was the highlight of the cafe, Sonia made it convenient for our chefs too. This was critical as we had an open kitchen and quick access to equipment was much needed during rush hours. The hand wash and sink area were separated using a simple but trendy glass and fabric partition. Each corner of the cafe had a different seating arrangement…from couches to poofs and sofas. Our customers wanted to come to the cafe not only to try our food but also to enjoy and relax reading books from our little cafe library and spend time in each corner. I would say the Eatmosphere is the quaintest cafe in town!!

Testimonial – Traditional Marathi Waada Home

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When Tradition Meets Design – Marathi Puneri Wada

The first time I saw my 3-BHK flat, I knew that I want to utilize its spacious appeal to the maximum. My husband and in-laws hail from a small town Satara and owned a conventional “Waadaa” there. I wanted to recreate the charm of traditional waadaa for my family. I was looking out for a passionate, creative and easy on my pocket kind of a decorator. Sonia was an obvious choice, considering her “out of the box” designs and unending craving for natural colors and natural finish to anything she creates. We worked a lot together as most of our choices matched – may it be the idea of using “Khann” for curtains or decorating the place with natural rosewood furniture! My idea of getting a photo shoot done with my family in one of the real wadaas in Pune in traditional Maharashtrian attire was further enhanced through beautiful wooden frames with intricate carvings for the photos. She believes in balancing aesthetics with functionality, I can surely say that after staying there for 6 months. I think that makes her stand out from the typical commercial interior designers. She truly transformed my lifeless flat into a beautiful, lively HOME!
Thanks a ton,

Dr. Shalaka Shah
Head of Department – Psychology, 
MIT World Peace University, Pune                                                                          

Business Excellence Researcher,                                                                                                                     Steinbeis School of International Business & Entrepreneurship, Germany

Testimonial – A Contemporary Home

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For me my home is my comfort zone, a place where I relax, read, invite tons of guests, and strongly believe in keeping my house neat and tidy. For me it was very important that the space is managed well as it is a 2-BHK apartment. I love open windows and a lot of sunlight, therefore the color scheme had match this requirement. It was a prerequisite that I have enough storage in the small apartment. I have a penchant for contemporary style interiors. I like to simplify things. I like geometric patterns and fresh colors. Sonia had a great understanding of requirements and readily designed appropriate furniture and offered a varied choice in the colour scheme. My daughter had some fixed ideas about the colour scheme like she wanted a yellow sofa in the living room and Sonia suggested a gorgeous color scheme of grey, yellow, white and brown for the living room. I think Sonia has a disciplined way or working, tries her best to follow deadlines and very professional in her approach to work. I have received many compliments for my home and I am very happy with how Sonia has designed and decorated my home!
All the Best,

Shubhangi Deshpande
Divisional Manager, New India Assurance Co. Ltd., Pune

Trustee & Treasurer
Nari Samata Manch, Pune

Testimonial – Bohemian Moroccan Themed Home

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Boho-chic Rhapsody – Moroccan Bohemian Interior Design

Tanu Jolly
Product Manager

“Working with Sonia and her team, was an excellent constructive process. She helped me fix my place with all the civil work and together we agreed a brief, the interior design concepts and overall budget, which was limited. She effectively took over and managed the whole process but always keeping me informed and agreeing with me, everything from developing the designs for each room, and the items to be ordered. She also arranged quality local tradesmen to do the required sourcing, electrical and carpentry work. Throughout, The Livelywood team arranged the delivery schedule, the installation and ensured the rooms were completed in line with the agreed design, schedule and budget. Overall a good job done with excellent project management. I am very happy with the results and living in my new home.”