Classroom Interiors – Learners Edge

An attractively decorated and well-organized classroom can have a big positive impact on both you and your students. Coming in every day to a cheerful and attractive space will lift your mood and inspire your teaching. For students, the design elements you choose can help create a comfortable and safe learning environment.


Whether you have desks or tables, you’ll want to think through where to put the students for seatwork. Different instruction styles require different seating arrangements. Small groups of desks make it easier for collaboration. Here we have 2 sets of seating, one in a small and the other in a large classroom.

Distinct Areas

It may be helpful to create different areas within the classroom. For example, a classroom might feature learning centers, small and large group areas, music areas, multimedia spaces and of course, your teacher space. You can make these unique spaces serve special purposes. Here we have worked with globes and maps!


Students will enjoy learning in a space that they feel a part of.  You may want to cover every inch of walls, but too many words and images can be distracting or overwhelming to students so we have left spaces where students decorate it to their liking.. Décor should reinforce learning, not just be a distraction.


Research now proves that many children need extensive mobility while learning. Provide opportunities for children to move around throughout your classroom rather by visiting the different distinct areas hence we have kept ample space for kids to move and remain active.

As a teacher, your classroom often becomes your second home. We have tried to make these classrooms to make it an inviting, comfortable place to be and to teach.

Quirky Boutique

Sometimes decorating boutiques is so much fun when its fill of creative items you have made for them! The post here is full of how creative Livelywood gets every single time!

It all started with a swivel Persian Trunk which actually is a movable wine cellar!

Then comes the night stand…all black yet has a wine holder in it!

…And how could we miss the wall mirrors? Called it Tashi Delek, inspired by my travel to Sikkim!

Moving on with the delicate Starry Night mounted on the wall of the fashion section of the boutique!

The retro styles of the mirror and yellows of the walls, makes this decor so intriguing!

For people with a passion to read…this red book stand sold off within a few days!

…And neither did this bookshelf stay too long!

Home Office Collection

Study room are more functional in wider areas, but it doesn’t mean that they do not fit with homes having small spaces. In fact you can still create a study area in the same place where your bedroom is. The main characteristic of a perfect study room are: cozy desk and chairs which if possible should be placed near windows or under light fixtures.

Lawyer’s Office

When determining how your new office should be laid out, it’s important to keep your business’s objectives in mind. This is particularly true in law offices, where the nature of the work can often breed stress and chaos if not managed correctly especially when this office was of a retired lawyer who worked because he loved his work.  This way the office has a uniform look while also being inviting and more home-like. The overall imagine is rather abstract. It’s also clean, simple and also personalized in the same time.

Writer’s Den


The daily routine of commuting to an office may halt for most of us on the weekends, but work responsibilities often spill over into home life as well.  Some people have one thing in common: a sophisticated home office secluded from domestic distractions.

The desk is made of solid wood and the beauty of the teak is complemented by the lamp. All these details go in perfect harmony with the zebra patterned rug that covers the floor and the  high chair. The rug comes in contrast with the rest of the room that is serene and calm and is a  source of inspiration. It is the detail that makes a room interesting instead of being boring.

Textured walls and ribbed ceiling lamp compliments the bright paintings bought from Vietnam help the room look vibrant yet soothing for this writer to concentrate on his work!

Fitness Studio – Inposture

My client Anand owns one of the best fitness studio on the busy Law College road of Pune. He is brilliant and excellent in his profession and helps people to reduce ailments and look lean, healthy and fit. So here is where I came into the picture and we decided to make this place chic and functional!

Best Fitness Studio

Best Fitness Studio Interior Design

Figuring out the perfect layout was key to design this fitness studio. The small space meant having to lay out all the equipment perfectly. The lighting, weights, space for functional training and rubber flooring had to be all placed perfectly.

A Well-Balanced Space

Best Fitness Studio Interior Design 2

In order utilize his space  to the fullest, we decided to align all the machines by the wall and use the space in the middle for more functional training.  To maintain a serene and airy look, we  used whites on walls, a nice rustic texture of beige to the ceiling and gave a splash of rust to the beams. This deep rust added an accent and energy to the space.

Clutter-Free Consciousness


Best Fitness Studio Interior Design

Fitness studios must be clean and minimal so that students can remain focused and clear-headed. In order to keep his essential supplies nearby, neat and uncluttered, we designed a cabinet to organize yoga mats, therapeutic bands, some small weights and a foam roll. All and all has its place and makes the space look very clean.

Overcoming Challenges


Best Fitness Studio Interior Design 1

The dark gym flooring presented the most challenges. In its original condition, the space underfoot was made up of regular tiles. Here, the challenge was to make the space look big despite the black flooring. But with its whites and beiges  and the king-size windows, this small studio looks smart and chic!

Peace and Lighting


Anand wanted his place to look warm, yet  crisp. To do this in a non-literal manner,  we installed fabricated beams with industrial track lights indicative of lighting found in industries. We also gave a back light to the humongous mirrors which brings warmth yet gives a little fancy look to the place, also bringing in the feeling of peace.

A Desk Area & A Cabin


Anand uses a desk area in his little cabin to attend to his clients. He opted for a classic, white table with a glass top with movable drawers made for filing to keep the space clean and clutter-free.
Working on the little aspects of this studio made this experience very pleasurable. Not only did we achieve most of what Anand wanted but we also made this fitness studio very chic, functional and organised!

Salon & Spa Interior Design – Along the Lotus Path – Mirror Stories

When we started working on the Mirror Stories, we came to the conclusion that all rooms of the salon should be entertaining. The salon & spa interior design should be a visual treat. It should help relax, stimulate conversation and revivify. We chose to give it a palatial lotus themed interiors as its main theme. Hence we used a tinge of bold colours and we weren’t afraid of it!

Best Lotus Themed Interior Design of a Salon & Spa 3

The salon was divided into 6 sections – Spa, Facial Room, Lobby, Pedicure & Manicure Space, Hair Styling Space and the Pantry. Each room specialized in its own way to make the client feel wonderful. The lotus themed interiors with the a rich color palette added glamour to the salon.  We used deep chocolate browns to create a rich, inviting look with crisp, white walls to keep the space from feeling too dark.



Best Lotus Themed Interior Design of a Salon & Spa 2

According to my mother and my aunt for whom I did this project, the spa had to portray warmth and welcoming look. They deeply wanted clients to feel pampered and rejuvenated. We made a strong statement in the room with palatial faux windows with mirrors installed in them and a bordering millwork to give a hint of luxury. Again this was achieved by making lotus themed windows. Then made a cabinet in an existing grove with displaying a beautiful serene painting of the Buddha with bold objet d’art to mesmerize the visitors. Let me tell you the painting is done by my aunt which made such a difference to that room.

Facial Room

Best Lotus Themed Interior Design of a Salon & Spa 1

We had enough place to accommodate 2 beds with a simple yet half festive ceiling, a stately chandelier like hanging lamps, and well-appointed palatial drapes that canopy the beds. The half ceiling had a beautiful lotus petal trim coloured in traditional pink with a pillar carved to make it more illustrious. One of the walls was adored with 2 beautiful lotus paintings across the chocolate brown walls. Made this place look serene and tranquil.


Best Lotus Themed Interior Design of a Salon & Spa

I thought over how the entrance should be… spacious, welcoming and should mesmerize people when they enter! We continued to have the palatial look with another faux window with a beautiful brass bust of the goddess Tara. Placed against the brown background the contrasts of gold, natural pinks and beige look fabulous. We also made a small soft board section to help them display their newest works again laced with lotus pink petals.

Pedicure & Manicure Space

Best Lotus themed Interior Design of Salon & Spa 2

Across from the lobby is a comfy sofa where one can rest their feet in rose petal water. The sofa has side shelves to rest your hands. We embellished the wall behind the sofa with the scrap material from the faux windows. We hung the chandelier like lamps from the ceiling and made the area look cozy and relaxing. Not to forget, we hung another wonderful painting of a Persian lady made by my aunt.

Best Lotus themed Interior Design of Salon & Spa 1

Hair Styling Space

Best Lotus themed Interior Design of Salon & Spa

Sometimes bigger and bolder adds a little drama to the space. It being a hair styling space, it had to have large mirrors. These mirrors were garnished with the same palatial look of carvings on the side, a lotus themed carved component on the top and richly painted in beige, pinks and turquoise. The entire room had the chandeliers hanging to give it a magnificence of royalty.




Engineer’s Office that Sparkles Inspiration

The most exciting thing for me is to create a space which is usable, creative and above all aesthetic! It may be a home or a cafe… but this time it was an office which belonged my own family – an engineer’s office! Giving it an industrial look and yet make it cool and creative was a challenge that I looked forward to.



Staying even a moment longer in their old office hurt as they wanted a new look and a happy surrounding. So I started thinking over how I can do my best. I had to make space for 2 director cabins, a conference room, a room to accommodate staff and of course do up the managing director’s cabin beautifully. The space being about 1000 sq ft was not too big yet not too small.


We started by creating glass partitions to make the conference room and the 2 director cabins. The space for the staff and the managing director was already established, we just had to re-do the look of it. I wanted to make this space look industrial, raw, chic space but could not live without color, so we decided to create a white space and natural browns and we decided to add colour a bit later.


The conference room got its long table which had all its wiring done through it with the switches and sockets nested on it to avoid having cables all over the floor. The company being an industrial office had a lot of scrap lying around… how could I not use it? To add the industrial feel, we decided to install faux water pipes with shelves to display some goodies. A white board was mounted, chairs were placed and the conference room was good to host 10 people.


Next we started with the two director cabins. They were a mirror image of each other. The see through glass cabins despite being a little small looked spacious due to the whites we used. We created an open feel to it by making the base of the tables with the pipes lying around in the factory. Vinyl flooring was installed to the make the space look together… it was garnished with some trinkets and voila the cabins looked spacious and airy.









The managing directors’ cabin had to be the impressive. He has lead this huge venture for the last 40 years and deserved a space to work, concentrate and also relax. This cabin had to have his desk, a small couch to entertain guests and a place to display all the honours and awards the company had achieved through the years. We created a workspace for him where he had a place for everything and his desk would remain clutter free. We lit his room bright in order for him to feel motivated and fresh at all times and made the meeting area cozy for him to rest or entertain his guests.







Keeping in mind the bunch of engineers I was working with and also the fact that it was an industrial office, how could I design an office that sparkles no inspiration and creativity whatsoever :)?



Testimonial – Engineer’s Office

Quaint Cafe Interiors- EATMOSPHERE it is…..

The Hanging Sign Board outside the Café :

I am so sorry for not being around in the month of March. I totally missed being on the blog but time just flew and I didn’t get my hands on till today. Anyway this month, I have a whole new exciting feature and that is “Eatmosphere”. Now that might sound a bit odd but let me explain. The reason I have been away from my blog for so many days is because I was working on this beautiful cosy café owned by my dear friends Rhuta & Manish.

This is how Eatmosphere look from outside: 


Manish & Rhuta behind their healthy and tasty Menu Counter designed by Kanchan :


This wonderful couple has a quaint story about how they landed up starting this little eatery of soup, salad, sandwiches, crêpes, & chillers. Manish a guy so passionate about food started off as a chef at Taj, Mumbai and then switched to a whole new world of IT. Rhuta has always been in IT and worked for IBM while in India. The duo shifted to Dubai and made a stressful living working for 12 hours a day in the field they thought was right for them. As time passed, they realised that life was much more than slogging. The feeling of owning, sharing and meeting different people would make them happier than earning a good salary without any personal life. And hence, they decided that they have had enough and want to achieve their little dream of owning a place where they can serve a wholesome meal with love and keeping health in mind. And this is how Eatmosphere budded after a lot of hardwork from all of us.

Glimpse of the cafe :


Now you might want to know why I am talking about all this? Well my friend Kanchan and I, did play a fair part in this project…yes I did the interiors while Kanchan who owns Southpaw Creatives designed their logo, menu, did the marketing & communication collaterals and above all suggested the name Eatmosphere! She too is a wonderful artist who also did up my logo and came up with the wonderful name Lively-wood for wich I recieve a lot of compliments! The rest of my blog is going to be the pictures of the place, the signboards and the little nook and corners of Eatmosphere.


The mezzanine seating with warm comfortable seatee designed by me :



Another cute African Corner…I love the amalgamation of colour here!


In the above two pictures, I have tried to provide different types of seating…each comfortable, cosy, gives a choice of seating high or low and breaks the monotony of the place. My idea was that, everytime someone comes to grab a bite, they should want to try a new seating which is unlike the one they’ve tried before.
One more beautiful and interesting feature about this part of the café is its flooring which makes the whole place different, I mean very different!
Infact when I started doing the interiors, I was very pleased to see that the mezzanine did not have tiles. I decided against tiling this corner and did what my friend Sheetal has done at his ashram called the The Urban Ashram. So here is a picture of the flooring to see what is different…..

The leafed floor :



The washroom area :


Though small, we wanted this area to be pleasant and comfortable for people to freshen up. In the whole process, I did not want to forget about the colours and theme at the same time make the place seem bigger than it is. Hence the combination of blue and turquoise with a mirror facing the café worked in our favour.



The Lover’s Corner as I call it…



This is another nook outside the café that I really like. It is secluded, colourful and awfully cosy! I call the orange and red stools, Oranges ‘n’ Cherries and the little table Kesariya which contrast and gel with the ‘Geru’ or Teracotta flooring!





Some more outdoor seating..



Hand-painted turquoise-blue table which has a great combination of metal, wood, tile in-lays and glass



There is another concept we have tried to promote…the idea of recycle! Manish and Rhuta lost a lot of cups & glasses in their shipment from Dubai to Pune, I was thrilled to see them and decided to make use of the lovely colourful crockery. We also got hold of some bottles which was basically going to be trashed and restored them and check what and how we’ve used them!



The Recycle Corner

So this is the café and this is the work we all did to make it so bright, colourful, welcoming, cosy and of course, can’t forget the food. Hope you have liked it and I would love to have comments and suggestions on it! Till then, if you wanna grab a bite, Eatmosphere is open from 10a.m. to 10p.m. in Wanorie, Pune in the lane of Kedari Petrol Pump.

For more details on branding, logo designing, advertising and more, please contact Kanchan @ +91 (0)9011012454 or just send an email to

For more details on Eatmosphere, please call Manish +91(0)9967514019 or just send an email to


Testimonial for Street Style Quaint Cafe


The Livelywood Studio

It has been a four years since I started Lively-wood. Nurturing and flowing with it made these years go by and I thought it was time to gift this endeavor a little something. It was time to progress a little! So a shabby little workshop turned into the Lively-wood Studio. A place to display my work, colour, ideas and every little thing that helps me create something new!!



To start with the mirrors, I needed a place to display each and every one of them so that I keep the artwork intact and at one glance, my customers or visitors have a chance to see them all. It also meant, having all the floor space for other things.



A desk with knick-knacks that motivate me, was an important element. I had preserved these mementos from my college days which had abundant memories yet were packed in boxes. I had to get all of it out along with some recycled clocks and put it up right there. I had a artwork, lying around from a project, that I didn’t want to throw and was wondering how best to put it to use. So this leftover work turns into a bright bold red grid with the mementos and all my paper gets a display on the soft board hung over my desk!







Like I mentioned in one of my earlier post, I am going crazy recycling! Yes, I went crazy re-using as much as possible even this time! I started with using two steel cut outs which were lying around from Bipin’s Dad’s factory in the scrap heap. I coloured them and displayed them at the entrance of my studio. For now, I think they look great there! The next I re-used was a window grid made with very good quality sagwan or teak wood. I decided to paint it deep blue and used it as my little chandelier! The list like that, goes on and on…




Lastly, I wanted to display whatever was left behind. A ceramic bell, paper lights, a bird cage and so many little knick-knacks!

















Its so nice when some loved ones visit you. I loved taking them to my studio and also felt good to be appreciated.

11 12




Doctors Office gets a Makeover – Ballooooonni Balloon Library & Children’s Work Space!

My doctor client now has a consulting room, a waiting area, a small reception and a pretty little library with loads of goodies and space for toddlers to teenagers. When I met her, she was in great dilemma, she has a lot of books, little therapy sessions for kids and young patients, so how could she accommodate all this in her spare area? The room needed to look cute, bright, cheerful on one hand and on the other, demanded space for her books and work area for children. So here it goes…..





A central view of the room, a wash basin, a nice display of children’s work on a push pin board and a study on the side











I thought of displaying children’s inspirational handy-work on the central wall of the room. It made the room very warm and welcoming.





Making the room comfortable to sit and work was also important. In case of sessions, a spare examination bed was essential. Hence we gave it enough storage for books underneath and threw pillows to make it warm and inviting.
So far, the view of the library has been hidden. Ardent readers often have problems, they can’t resist buying books and then, there is no place to stack them. Small open & closed shelving was made to display some interesting books and the stack the other reference books below them.




However, a desk, toy trunk and toys were important ingredients of this space. Yet everything needed to be compact and comfortable.






A Ballooooonni Trunk was made with a fluffy foam seating, with ample space which serves well as a bench for the table and fits perfectly under it, saving space and making it compact. A lot of people asked me if the cushion came off the trunk while opening it. The answer to this is no, it is completely removable with a removable cover as well and yet attached well to the trunk top.




The biggest highlight of the room were the Balloooonnni balloons on the wall. The light blue wall with a variety of air balloons painted on it made the room look colourful and alluring for not only kids but even adults.

I even thought of making a frilly light curtain to cover a small window. It did wonders to the wall and to the face of the entire room.








Empire of Preservation:  Ecofresh Cold Storage & Warehousing Pvt. Ltd

Working on an office was a little bit of a challenge since every inch of space needed to be utilized. When I saw this beautiful open room in Ecofresh Cold Storage off the Pune Bangalore Highway, a lot of ideas flooded my mind. A 520 sq ft of space had one toilet, a loft, 2 tables, a high ceiling, and needed to be converted it to an office where 10 people could be accommodated.”

What I noticed was that this room was very airy and flooded with a lot of light. I wanted to keep it that way, so that the staff feels fresh and motivated to work at all times. Also, we needed to make two cabins, one for the boss and the other for their manager. Since the openness and light was something I wanted to maintain, I decided to use a lot of glass.


On the extreme end of the room is the boss’s cabin followed by a complete glass cabin for their manager. This not only gave them their own private space but also made the room look as big as before.


The boss wanted his cabin to be a little different yet comfortable enough to accommodate 3 other people across from him. Since space was a huge constraint, we decided to angle the door of his cabin to give an abstract facet to the layout. He also wanted his table designed dissimilar to the others in the office. Though not religious, he wanted an atypical devghar in his office. Keeping all this in mind, we made a table for 3, added a bold painting to give it its colour and also placed a contemporary figurine of Ganesh.


drum painting

One other important area of the office was the staff seating. It needed to be comfortable, spacious and we needed to provide them with ample storage.


diagonal view of entrance


Last but not the least, we cold not forget to add colour to the brown tones of the work space. Somehow I wanted to break the monotony and still wanted to maintain the aspect of fresh and natural elements of life which connect so closely to this company. Hence, I decided to make paintings with a theme of flowers, fruit, animals, trees and us, humans, all associated with Ecofresh!”

flower painting