Home Office – Chic & Contemporary

A home office off the living room can be concealed with a pocket door. Grey laminated cabinetry complements the living area finishes but makes the space unique.  A small, quiet, efficient office space for one that is perfect for this dynamic corporate trainer to do some self study while at home.

Though small it has a great deal of natural light and views out the lush trees outside the house.  A pocket door makes the office disappear when it’s time to entertain!

Small yet incredibly functional, this desk space is a comfortable, quiet place to catch up on home reading that she needs to do.

To keep it from feeling cramped or crowded, we complemented warm and cozy seating on the other end of the space. Where sometimes she sits in the comfy built-in chair with her book and relaxes. We added a splash of colour which gives a bit on a whimsy to the corner. She says everytime she sees it, she wants to take her book and settle in there!


While the office was intentionally designed into a tiny nook off the living room, we didn’t want it to feel small for Sayali  to use it. By keeping the base color palette light, taking cabinetry to the ceiling, incorporating open storage and maximizing natural light and a bright colour touch, the space feels cozy, and larger than it actually is.


Testimonial – Home Office – Chic & Contemporary

Turkey Inspired Interiors

This old British home with small honeycomb rooms needed a makeover! Rita and her husband were frequent travelers to Turkey due to business and hence it was decided to convert this ancestral home in the best Turkish way!  This home reflects rich cultural traditions and history and is characterized by intricate carvings, arched doorways, and colorful fabrics. Unfortunately, it being a very old project, all photographs are scanned from hard copies.

Living Space the Turkey Way!

Whats a best part of a living space when natural arches already adorn it! In this small alcove of the living space, a divan was kept. Here this piece of furniture is a combination of delicately-carved wooden piece and plush over-stuffed upholstery. The rough stucco walls were painted peach. Textiles play an important role in this project which create a natural flow. Here a natural white fabric was used to frame the alcove and a woolen woven rug that was placed in front of the divan.

While on the other side of the living space which disconnect slightly, a plain white rustic wall was made on the back drop and a plush red sofa was fitted in the small space. A perception of space was created by placing a beautiful fluid blue painting over it with some antique chairs and white natural drapes! The place looked stunning and breezy!

Unpretentious Dining Room

In this old home, the dining room with its collection of old photographs and its unpretentious furniture adds a note of frivolity. Assembled were all old wares of this home,  and this lovely dining area was created. On the way to the dining area, a lovely seating was created with another upholstered divan. Typical earthenware was placed in the stand above it and bright bold cushions were thrown on the divan. This whole area was placed between typical mosaic tiles which adorned the lower walls.

A small space was created at a tiny veranda at the entrance. A place to relax in the morning sun with simple cane chair and an old fashioned tea table with antiques like clocks and wall frames made the place look very rustic! Parallel to it, small artifacts were placed on the wall. It gave one of the best Turkish feature to the area!

Simple Entryway

Rich & Lush Bedroom

Who would call this bedroom small when the hand woven rug made its way up the wall and the bed got natural white bed sheets! Simple, small and yet elegant!

Orange Guest Bedroom

The old British era homes still have ample rooms! Here, a small bedroom overlooking a littlepatio with a basic bed with bright orange patterned Turkish upholstery was created. For a side table, a wicker basket box was used! It served perfect when guests arrived!

Best Turkish Interiors 7

Turkish Blue Main Door

Last but not the least…the beautiful bold blue of the main door makes this the entrance so intriguing! Unfortunate this is one of the old yet the best Turkish projects without good pictures. Some wooden semicircular beads were pasted on the door with ornate brass ware and look how gorgeous the door looks!

Best Blue Doors


A teachers Philossophy

A Teacher’s Philosophy & Dancers’ Delight

You might wonder, why I have such a strange name for this bedroom project for the Bhupatkar residence! Well as much as I like my friend Maithily & her dear mother, I loved working in these spacious, well-lit and clean bedrooms of theirs. I am glad I got to work on two extreme diverse concepts; one eccentric and eclectic while the other was contemporary with a smack of family heritage!

Now let me start making by making the title clear. When I say Teacher’s Philosophy, I simply mean the way a teacher thinks. The family are a bunch of extraordinary teachers. When I worked with Mrs. Bhupatkar, I was surprised to see how careful and observant she was. She didn’t miss out a single detail when it came to little things like handles, curtains, her picture frames, to the extent of switch boards! The first time I met her, she made it clear that she wanted something in straight lines, and it all had to look clean! That’s when I knew she wanted to go contemporary in her room.









Whites & greens, basic and minimalistic was her choice. Long curtains, patterned bedspread and bold pillows made her happy. We refurbished the existing wardrobes and built a little entertainment centre for her antique TV.


Since all members of this family are ardent readers, creating a corner where they can unwind was important. The advantage of working in this house was that the rooms are good sized. I did get a nice cosy corner to change the focus of the bedroom, which was previously unattended.


For more on Chairs, go to http://livelywood.in/furniture-2/chairs-stools-2/













Well to my good fortune, they owned a 100 year old antique gorgeously made chair with an even better old trunk lying around. They certainly valued it but really didn’t know how it could be incorporated into their home. When I suggested it’s place, they were truly delighted and happy that these antiques could be a part of their decor. So, this unattended corner became a reader’s haven. I placed good amount of lighting behind it with a few abstract shelves which made the room look cool and contemporary with a splash of the old.


Lastly, I did want to provide a little dressing area. Even though reading was a highlight of the room, I didn’t want to forget that it was after all a bedroom. In a small space beside the bathroom, just on your way out, a simple peek-a-boo mirror cabinet was fixed.

Hence ending the story of the Teachers’ Philosophy, keeping it straight and simple!
Now let us talk about the eccentric dancers’ delight. My friend, who is an outstanding dancer, wanted her room to be eclectic and on one hand and on the other wanted to bring some form of dance into the decor. So let me start by explaining how we went about doing it.

The corner of this spacious bedroom was a bit neglected. I knew not much could be done with it since accessibility to the corner wasn’t convenient. But without doubt, I could make it a focal point of the room and yet give some functionality to it. Hence, we hung some kandeels or lamps from the ceiling and arranged a beautiful old cabinet to display her Natraj (God of dance) statue on it. The lower cabinets could be used to store her books and other brass items. The cabinet was refurbished and glass was put on 2 sides to showcase her collection of antiques.


The next very important part of her room was her beautiful dresser named Surya. We scrubbed and rubbed to make it look old, frayed and antique. The contrast of yellows and blues with ornate brass handles made the corner look brilliantly distinctive. Since that little dance element had to be added, hand-made handles with ghoongroos or bells were installed on the drawers. We also added a touch of golden wrot iron embossing on the deep, rich blue full length mirror with some ghoongroos to match the dresser below. Since all my products have a name, I call this mirror Lavanya because it came out very graceful! With ample storage of 3 drawers, the corner looks exquisite!


For more on Dressers & Drawers, go to http://livelywood.in/furniture-2/dressers-drawer-shelves-2/



To match and balance colours, a similar side unit I call Turmerica was made. It stands next to the bed and has sturdy carved teak wood legs.


For more on Dressers & Drawers, go to http://livelywood.in/furniture-2/dressers-drawer-shelves-2/













Along with these two features, arranging and refurbishing her existing bed and wardrobes, lighting and entertainment centre had to have their place. Below are the placement of the wall mounted entertainment centre opposite the bed and the overall view of the room.





Testimonial – Bedrooms Of A Teacher & A Dancer


Leisure Lounge @ Home!!

Most of us have little getaways from our mundane lives; and certainly, we need to have at least some of them near us! Well that’s how the idea of the Leisure Lounge came up!

A room not bigger than 400 sq ft needed to be converted in to a lounge area which would accommodate several things and yet make it look like a lounge. The area needed to fit in a book case, study, storage, loft, a bar, a cabinet to showcase a shot glass collection and a stage to accommodate a drum set and other smaller drums from West Africa and Middle East. Now the challenge was to be able to fit so many things in 400 sq ft without cluttering the space and still making it look classy, roomy and artistic!


Very few people have an inclination of collecting something special that will remind them of a place, person or an incident. Here, the challenge was to be able to accommodate over 120 shot glasses collected from travels all over the world. A cabinet had to be made to display, preserve and present the collection.


For more on Bars, go to http://livelywood.in/furniture-2/bars-2/












Next came in another very interesting feature yet a little discreet and innovative. A bar had to be made in a way that an outsider would not know, yet when opened, gave you a surprise! A chic painting with miniature bottles studded on the door of the bar makes it unique and funky! Along with a regular bar, a mobile wine cellar with bottle holders and a tray was also made to be able to push it around to other rooms.


Since this room is a mixture of some fun and work, a study and book case had to be accommodated. More than 200 books needed to be placed and protected from the ever increasing dust. Despite the space constraint in the bookshelf, a small feature had to be added to break the tedium of the quadrangle. An illuminated square was fixed off centre in the bookcase with zigzag shelves which flaunted odd some objects breaking the monotony of its content.


A long desk was made with two storage cabinets. The one on the left was made permanent while the one on the right is movable in order to fit two people on the same desk if need be.


Lastly, the room couldn’t be complete without a platform to hold a striking collection of drum set. The reason for the elevation of the podium was to reduce noise and vibrations produced while playing. Taking advantage of the height, some storage was also created under the stage. The wall and door that bordered the drums was demolished and a glass was fixed in order to cut the noise that made its way outside.

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