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Livelywood was founded in 2007  with  the  idea that a design can and should be presented  in  an  inspired, knowledgeable and friendly manner. Livelywood combines services in interior design and customization in furniture.

About Sonia :

Sonia’s life reads like a tapestry of colours. The driving force behind Livelywood, Sonia has a passion for art and creativity. She is one the few lucky people who could turn her passion into a career. Her long association with art, colour and handicrafts has metamorphosised into a fulfilling career which she is successfully pursuing through eclectic woodwork. She breathes life into mundane wood piece by giving creative pizzazz and its own identity. Her marvelous interiors and furniture design have been appreciated by art lovers and laymen alike.
Sonia has an undergraduate degree in French Language and has completed her Master’s degree in International Business from France. After her Master’s degree, Sonia moved to USA where she established a retail and wholesale outlet of Indian art, handicrafts, home decor and women’s accessories. Her stint in USA along with her studies in France has helped her combine business acumen with her creative streak.
While abroad, Sonia was able to give outlet to her other passion – world travel. She has had the opportunity to travel the entire Americas from Canada to Peru, length and breadth of Europe, Africa and even Middle East. During all these trips she caught studied of the local art and craft which she expresses in her furniture. She makes a constant effort to provide us a glimpse into the art of places far-far away.

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