Shabby . Chic. Weird. Creative.

Can you think of the strangest things that can make your place look lovely? Things that perhaps are essential and you obviously can’t throw them and things that really do not have much to offer! Well lets see how your home can be arranged aesthetically with “what should I do with this?”

Be Creative… Think Strange!


You have a vase at home? Perhaps a big bulky one which is not of use. And certainly you may have some towels lying around. Put it all together, it could be a nice decor for your bathroom while entertaining guests!

A Pot in the Sun!


Whether you want your garden to be formal or wild and rambling, decide on the style, then follow it through with appropriate plants and materials.i planted some fern in a funnel… got it all painted and hung it in my window!

Trunk it up!
This aluminium chest was lying around the house. It was a perfect thing to store toys. It certainly gives a vintage look to the children’s room!
The Old Fan Club!
Do you have an old fan? Just use it!
Mug it Up!
We often have so many mugs and small containers in our kitchen which don’t make sense but we wouldn’t want to throw them either. So here is a deal… cactus and small ferns do wonders to such container. My nephew has his lovely set of cactus he nurtures. Thanks to his mom who offers him the most unwanted stuff from her kitchen!
The ‘not so cool’ Wine Rack!
When you just shifted in a rented home and you had nowhere to stack your wine bottles, you perhaps bought this wine rack which was just a cheap buy. Now you own a home and have a wonderful bar and you still have this rack which causes dilemma…. so what do you do? Don’t worry… look how it fits perfectly in your bathroom and look how it all makes sense!