Grand Canyon from an Untrained Eye

A breathtaking copper paradise shines until the last of what your eyes see. This iconic gorge is a mixture of several ancient canyons of different ages woven by several erosion and climatic changes that happened over 6 million years. In this post, I won’t say much about this lovely place since a lot of information is available on the internet. It is just a small description of the canyon to my untrained eye!

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

My brother took some wonderful shots and I want this post to be all about it! He mesmerized me with the pictures he took…he is a wonderful photographer and has done huge justice to my post here!  Hope you enjoy…

It is said that almost 40 layers of sedimentary rock are exposed in the grand canyon. Here is a great picture to show how the layers make this place enchanting.

Various layers of the rock

Various layers of the rock



Ripple marks are commonly seen in the canyon with a tinge of dark brown.

Dark brown colour of the rocks

Dark brown colour of the rocks

The red shale or the layer that appears on the rock is said to be an  indicative of a warm, shallow sea. It does look like a sea at sunset, doesn’t it?

Red rocks which make rocks look like sea at sunset

Red rocks which make rocks look like sea at sunset

A small water runoff which probably feeds the Colorado River. It is so mysterious to just imagine all this!

Water run-off

Water run-off

Small patches of sand accumulate between rocks which makes this inhibited place a wonderland.

Sand patches

Sand patches

The Desert of the Canyon

The Desert of the Canyon

According to me, one can imagine something and is sure to find its shape in the rocks of the canyon. The rocks have taken so many different shapes. My brother captured a few breath-taking pictures of such rocks.

The Sleepy Head

The Sleepy Head

The Spirals...

The Spirals…

By this point, you’ve heard all about how I saw this miraculous place…would love to hear about what you think…so.. shoot in some comments and share what you though the canyon made you feel.




10 Ways to Make Your Bed!

Sometimes looking at your bed bores you…then you think, I need a change in my bedroom!! Am I right? Well don’t stress so much…inject a splash of color or simply mix and match your linens. It sure will satisfy your “I need change” cravings.

Create Unity


Pull all the colors together with a pillows, like the bold red and fresh graphic blues of the pillows with a coverlet of Kutchy work. I paired all these colours with a simple white bed cover to tone down the overall look of the bedroom.

Create Contrast.


Contrast neutrals with a colorful pillows.

Tie It Together


Don’t be afraid to mix different patterns. This green Kutchy coverlet ties this major mix with the simple red bedspread.

Pillow Switch


Alternate patterned and solid pillowcases and shams look simple and pretty.

Pattern Mix


Fold flat graphic sheet over the striped pillow to show off the pattern.

Flaunt Your Work!


My grandmother made this beautiful embroidery for me. It is lovely and I use it to decorate my bed all the time. If you have art, flaunt it!

Freshen it up with Greens

Especially in the summers, whites and greens sooth your senses. Keep it fresh and airy.

Tone Down


Quiet down bold patterns with white pillowcases.
Peekaboo Patterns
Do up the bed in such a way that there is an unexpected color splash and patterns that make it fun!
Cover Up
Pull the blanket up to cover the almost all-white bedding with a tinge of applique or any other design to make it look pretty.
So…isn’t it simply to reinvent and revamp your bedroom with a bold mixture colours, patterns and ideas? And it is easy….go for it!