5 Veiled Truths of the Volcano – Big Island – Hawai’i

Hawai’i…what can I say about this paradise. The fresh air energizes you. The warm, tranquil waters refresh you and the volcanoes mesmerize you! Here, I am gonna share some amazing facts of this steaming wonder.

The melange of the black lava soil and the Puna Forest

The melange of the black lava soil and the Puna Forest

Let’s start with the story of the volcanoes of the Big Island. It is the youngest Hawaiian Island, less than a half a million years old, and its two major volcanoes are Mauna Loa which includes Kilauea Volcano and Mauna Kea. Mauna Loa last erupted in 1984 and Kilauea has been continuously erupting since 1983.


The Big Island gets bigger everyday!

The ever flowing Magma which expands the Big Island.

The ever flowing Magma which expands the Big Island.

The Big Island of the Hawai’i expands everyday. Thanks to the Kilauea volcano, one of the most active volcanoes on earth. This prolific volcano currently produces acres of new land everyday. Doesn’t this volcano become more and more interesting?

The Drive-in Volcano

Drive through the solidified Lava

Drive through the solidified Lava

Despite the flow of lava in several places around the National Park, driving around and through the glowing lava is possible depending upon what’s happening with the active flow. Or else you can park and walk up to view red hot lava. The black and brown hues of the soil suddenly change in to the thick tropical forests of the park. The drive is indeed scenic. This volcano is the only one in the world where you can take your car.

Wave-washed Volcano

Wave-washed Lava

Wave-washed Lava

The Pu’u O’O Volcano of the Kilauea flows into the ocean and sends up plumes of volcanic gas and smoke. The island is so beautifully wave-washed. We had a chance to see this from a helicopter – a most impressive sight to behold.


View of the lava entering the Pacific Ocean from a helicopter.

View of the lava entering the Pacific Ocean from a helicopter.


Helicopter Ride over the Volcano1

The Tallest Mountain ain’t Everest!

The slope of  Mauna Loa

The slope of Mauna Loa

Mauna Kea rises to 13,796 feet above sea level. Now you might say that Mount Everest rises 29,035 feet but Mauna Kea is considered the tallest mountain on Earth, how? If measured from base to summit, towering up more than 6 miles, i.e 31,680 feet from the ocean bottom.

Lava Tubes

Lava Tube

Lava Tube

Lava tubes or caves are formed when a river of lava gradually digs a hole after the last of the molten lava flows downhill. It has beautiful shapes and colors of minerals leeching from the rock. There are 100s of lava tubes in this area though only a few are accessible! 

The Caves formed by solidifies Lava

The Caves formed by solidifies Lava

So…did you know these little facts about this volcano? The summit of  Mauna Loa’s versus the steaming jungles of Puna. The mystic craters, the black beaches, secret hot springs the sea-kissed lava leaves behind such diverse indescribable beauty and serenity of the paradise we call Hawai’i.



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Decorating with Pots – Jazzing up empty Spaces!

Just delight your senses with a little container garden designed to bloom or feel green and fresh at home. Not a lot of us live in houses with gardens but some greenery around can make it fun and pleasant! Put a quirky spin on container just lying around at home or get more creative….want to know how? Here are some ideas I use to bring in the outdoors into my home.

Go Rustic & Informal


One of the main attractions of container gardening is its versatility. You can plant almost anything in a pot and use almost any vessel as a container, to produce an infinite range of possibilities.  Keep the look informal by arranging them none too neatly.

A Gravy Bowl


A cracked gravy bowl becomes a cactus pot. It looks surprising pretty!

Cottage Style


Just outside my door I created a cottage-garden feel with terra-cotta ornaments. I used a small distressed-looking tub and re-used it as a planter. I planted some old-fashioned plants….the more unusual the better.

Go Creative!


Al plastic plant pot can easily be replaced for a funnel. Not too many flowers grow in my apartment, I usually stick with the non-flowering category. But somehow I needed colour in my window and I love hanging plants, so, voila…I coloured a funnel bold red and hung it out there!

Little Landscapes

5 6

Create a scene….yes…do it! This centerpiece mixes cactus and succulents with pebbles and toys to add a little fun to the garden.

Conch Shell – What a find!


My mother picked up this conch shell she found on one of her trips to the beach. She loves gardening and gets extremely creative there! Looks what she did!

Bhoole Bisre

8 9

I love colour. I know I say it all the time! But here is how I bought it from Bhoole Bisre who make these lovely buckets into planter.

Just @ Home!




Bringing the gardens indoor also helps in changing your decor at home. I always change my decor according to the seasons and here is how I add my focal point at home!

The Famous Matka!


I always emphasize on having the cool water from the matka over the refrigerator. Nevertheless I had a broken one at home! Look what I did!

Keep the earthy themes and greens around. It brings freshness at home and around. Soak up in the inspiration from gardens and bring it home and enjoy an ever changing collage at home!


This Town Named Annecy

Where do I start? A town with canals, flower-decked bridges, and cobbled streets sounds so much like any other city in Europe, right? Annecy, where every shade of red, blues and greens are seen, where the waters of its lake change shades during the day and where the tranquility flows in every winding lane makes this place wonderful! This medieval town came up in the 14th Century and is full of  small canals and streams running out of Lac d’Annecy. Its also called the Venice of Savoie in the north of the French Alps.





I lived in Grenoble a city an hour and a half from Annecy. I loved this town so much that we traveled here very often. The winding streets, the flowers, the food and the beautiful lake brought so much peace within me. Wandering into these lanes and experiencing the beauty is all one can do and yet when you leave you haven’t got enough.



Picture 027


The bluest, purest waters of the Lac Annecy is an expanse of paradise. They say that the waters of this lake are clean as ever! It seems the waters of the lake flow into the town feeding the town’s canals. Everything here is just mesmerizing!



Amidst the town is a  Palais de l’Ile or the old prison from the 12th century. This chateau like structure is surprisingly beautiful and is the symbol of the town between the canals.




Picture 026


This place is just beautiful….I cannot recommend it enough!! 🙂


Bring on the Summer once again!

As mush as hot there are, there are loads to do in them! It starts with vacations, cleaning, organizing and of course changing your home! There’s just nothing like throwing open the doors and windows for some air and fresh light. It’s a feeling you want to capture all summer long, especially in the hot, turgid days of April & May, here in India.

The Way of the Nature

1 2

The trend flows a lot into bright colours though they should not be used everywhere and for all seasons. In the summers, it is best to go from neutrals or earthen tones. Arranging things pots, making mini landscape gardens in your indoors with lots of plants makes the summer feel cooler. I made this little landscape at home and kept it in my entryway…its looks so fresh!

Sunshine Yellow

3 4.

Though our summers are bright, and sometimes too bright a soothing yellow brings happiness and optimism. After being in the hot outdoors, it brings a feeling of freshness when you enter indoors. I would only suggest you to tone it down with white accents.

Changing Drapes


You can easily bring the summer months into your home simply by changing things like throw pillows in the living room. Instead of dark shades of pillows, maybe get beige or white linens would make a difference. Pair it yellow and pastels and lighten it up! And get rid of clutter.

Dust kills it all!


Use going into a new season as an opportunity to go into drawers, closets and countertops and remove those things that are collecting dust and taking up space. It definitely gives you a fresh, light sense of relief. You don’t need to display all your knick knacks.

Use Flowers!


I know it sounds very feminine and you men out there may not agree with me, but just try this out. Use flowers at home. Use floral prints and see how fresh you will feel!

The Matka!


Have you tried drinking water from earthen pots? If not, try it today! Even your kitchen gets ready for summers that way!

So….the change of seasons is the perfect opportunity to bring changes into your home, whether it’s de-cluttering or simply exchanging dark accessories for light.