The 3 C’s I call them – Cushy, Comfortable & Cozy!

What makes living rooms, bedrooms or any other room comfortable? Have you ever thought how boring a sofa could be in dull beige or too bright a red or simply a gaudy print? Well I have seen such lifeless rooms! When I see such places, I feel why could they not make it a little better…that too without any effort! Let me not increase your anticipation, I was simply talking about those things which dress up the sofas or beds or even the floors. Those cushy things which bring comfort and warmth! Pillows & upholstery..of all types and shapes!

This time I won’t be blabbering much since a lot of you know how to use them. Not much explanation goes behind how and what to really do! So here is a little post with more pictures and less talk! 🙂

The Living Comfort

Home Sweet Home
I keep changing my pillows, cushions and my upholstery from time to time! This time red ruled in my living space!

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Pretty Cozy & Inviting
My little friend Meghna has a home in the middle of the fields and yet in the city. When I designed her home, it was all about maintaining the freshness and prettiness of her style! The frilly pillows did their bit!


Bold & Bright
Though orange is not a colour I would use much on upholstery, I quite like this place. It is a home of an acquaintance who believes orange is a spice of life.



My Travel Diaries

Reflection of Goa
The pastel blue, fresh white sofa and the splash of bright bold pillows looked smashing in one of the beach side hotels in Goa! Loved it!



Zanzibari Treasures
My trip to Africa and into the island of Zanzibar, was like bringing back treasure of good memories, and so much inspiration t0 make new things. This bench with batik upholstery looked bright and gorgeous! How simple is that?


Mosaic of Turkey
Along with the Turkish mosaic, comes rich colours of the pillows with its coziness! I loved this lobby in our hotel in Istanbul!


Paradise they call it – Hawai’i
This is long time back when days were different from now. The Big Island as it is called where the active Volcanoes live came this traditional bed throw and patchwork! It resembles the Applique work from the state of Gujarat.



Bedrooms that make a difference!

The Dance Galore
My dancer friend and her beautiful bedroom, rich with colour and traditional fabric enhanced it even more. A tint of blue, yellow and red pillows got their way along the headboard of her white linen sheet!


Green that pleases
A Bedroom with an ease of green helps you relax. Here the bed is been embellished with only 3 pillows to break the repetitiveness of the greens to make it a bit chirpy.


Musing Clicks

Sometimes there isn’t much of a reason to click! Bright colours, bold prints, catchy stuff makes you snap pictures! are some!




13 did the cushy stuff change the perception of boring sofas and beds? Hope it has..and hope to see that change in yours!