An Experience in the Fairy Land – Turkey

Cappadocia, central Turkey, has a fairy land, a whole lot similar to what we read in classic tales. This fairy land is so breathtaking and yet so realistic that I did pinch myself a few times to make sure, I am in it and a part of it!


The terrain in Cappadocia is very unique, a place where nature and history have created one of the most spectacular panorama of the world. Due to volcanic eruptions in the region a large tableland of tufa rock was formed. Together with the erosion from the Kizilirmak river and wind over ten thousands of years there appeared the chimney rocks or the fairy chimneys. These chimneys were marked by signs of thousand-years-old civilizations by carving houses and churches within these earth pillars and decorating them with frescoes.

Terrain of Cappadocia

The Dark Church of the Geröme Caves

The first time we actually saw them was on a dark dawn of a Tuesday morning. A bunch of us were all geared up in a hot air balloon for a tour in to the clouds overlooking these beautiful rock formations. We had no idea about its exquisiteness until we floated in to the sky, the sun rose, and we witnessed the vast landscape!

Gearing up to fly

The Fairy Chimneys

The pilot of hot air balloon said that the traditional Cappadocian houses, churches, monasteries, mosques and dovecotes were carved into the stone. The soft quarried rock, which is the only construction material of the region, was easily processed and would harden after contact with air resulting in to this natural fairy land.

Orthisar Castle of Cappadocia

Vivid colours of the Rocks & its strange formations

While flying high and also ducking low in to the crevices of these rocks, we noticed a large number of dovecotes. We were told that these pigeon is a symbol of peace and devotion to family in Islam whereas regarded as a symbol of the “Holy Spirit” in Christianity. The reason behind hollowing out dove-cotes was not to catch and eat pigeons but to use their excrement as fertilizer. Some dovecotes are decorated with rich inscriptions and adornments by regional artists.

In the Fairy Chimneys

Dovecotes and Frescoes

We sailed on in the air for about an hour and a half. It seemed like a dream or something much beyond that because I don’t remember ever visiting a wonderland in my dream as well. It was so awe-inspiring and so colourful to be true that the biting cold didn’t bother us even one bit. We just went up to 800 metres, almost felt like I would touch the rising sun and then ducked as low as a few feet from the earth to see if I could peep into the window of the chimney!

Fairyland part II

Touching the rising Sun

Land of the fairy chimneys, unforgettable, unbelievable and so vivid, tops high on my list. Its a place to experience what a true fairyland might be!

Travel, Inspiration & Art

A lot of times, I go clicking pictures of different things like fruits, a scene at a bus stand, or a shoe display…etc. Its incredible how many pictures I have of things which seem irrelevant and pointless! But for me, they are a constant source of inspiration. I have over 1000 pictures just randomly clicked, all intending to flood me with ideas. My post this month is about these photos and its implementation into my work, so far.

Persia comes to my Door Step

From the Land of the Turks came my little inspiration of a beautiful dresser I made for my friend. Most mosques in Turkey had these ornate taps in their courtyards which encourage people to wash their feet and then enter this religious place, clean and pure.


This old and ancient tap inspired me to make her dresser. If you notice, you will see the similarity in the shape and the ornateness in the design. The rich golden yellows and deep blues reminds me of my wonderful trip to the land of the Sultans.

A midst the Himalayas

A midst the Himalayas is this little state of Sikkim, heavily influenced by the Tibetan culture. I call it the spiritual, lost little paradise. Its simply gorgeous! I was so touched by how beautiful it is that I decided to use it in one of the most popular items I make, yes, a mirror!

The script on the mirror says “Tashi Delek” meaning May Good Luck come to You in Bhutia language. One of the most beautiful prayer rollers in the Rumtek monastery inspired me to make this piece! 

The Zanzibar Islands in Africa

I was shocked to see the overwhelming intricate doors on all the houses in Zanzibar! I had to use it…the idea, the design! It came popping in into another deep green mirror I made, I call it Peacock Plumage!


Balloons of Cappadocia


Going back to central Turkey, I had this wonderful experience of sailing through morning skies in a hot air balloon. The view from the top was like a wonderland. A wonderland which I tried creating for a children’s room and on multi-functional trunk I call the Balloooooni Balloon Trunk, made to store toys and use it as a chair while studying.

Jaatt Riksy after Whisky!

You might be wondering whats wrong with my title??!! Well the core of our country, the everyday scene which we hardly notice was brought on to my work. I have seen so many varieties of trucks, lorries or semi as they call in the USA but I have never seen one as decorated, colourful and funny, anywhere else in the world besides India. I always wanted to use all the gaudy designs and funny wordings! Hence Jaatt Riksy after Whisky!

Its all about Lights!

Going back to my Turkey trip, all over, everywhere were these dazzling lights hung from the ceiling. There were times when some of us has to duck down to avoid bumping against them. The warmth created by them was so kindling and cozy. I used it in one of my projects. It made the room look, warm and inviting.

The Fall Colours!.


When I look at the trees during fall, a strange feeling of content and peace comes over me. The colours look so bright, warm that the rising cold feels so insignificant. During my stay in the USA, this beautiful patchwork was done by a very dear family member of mine. Its took effort, love and a lot of imagination to create it! 

The Turkish Cat Story




I am still not sure about cats from Turkey. They are all over, everywhere, on the roof, in the meadows….on the chair!! I wanted to pet them all, cuddle them all!! I saw a beautiful, fluffy one sitting on a chair…that concluded it all. I recycled a used paint drum with pretty little cats on it and converted it into a stool.

Well…I think I can go on…and I know I have to stop! I would love to hear stories from you…little things that inspired you to create something. Please write to me about anything that motivated you, and made you build something…very close to your heart!