Daulatabad – City of Fortune, Labyrinth, Moats & Bastions!

In the 12th century, Devgiri was its name. Founded, constructed and ruled by the Yadav dynasty. Later, Sultan Muhammad-bin-Tughluq of Delhi conquered it and made it his capital to be able to establish his reign in the south. And hence the name changed from Devgiri to Daulatabad! Now, what makes this fort so unique and impregnable? This fort had a very unique defense mechanism….which actually made me wonder what was it that they tried to protect. Lets go step by step to know more…

Tablet inscribed with the History of Daulatabad


Alley through the Amberkot & Mahakot

The fort has 3 walls. Amberkot an outer wall which covers the Daulatabad town, the Mahakot wall encloses the Daulatabad fort. This wall had spear-like structures slotted into them which could even leave hoards of charging elephant useless. Lastly the Kalakot, the final fortification resembles the shape of a beer bottle and is built around the huge rock hill. Kalakot is surrounded by a deep moat which is said to have been filled with crocodiles and poisonous snakes.

The Mahakot Gate with Spear-like Structures

Underground Tunnel

This fort has many underground tunnels, some as long as 70 kms. They were designed and drilled that helped the Sultans escape. They were said to be connected to the Rajur town and many other places still unknown to us.

The Kalakot Entrance with the Underground Tunnels

Rock-cut Moats

The dangerous Moats

Crocodile and poisonous snake infested moats were made with several drawbridges. As soon as the enemy stepped on these bridges, they were unhooked throwing the rival into the moat.

40ft Deep-cut Moats infested with poisonous snakes & crocodiles

The Dark & Deadly Maze

Entry into the Labyrinth

This maze is a piece of exceptional strategic architecture. Archers would hide themselves in deep cut caves in the ceiling, so if torches were lit by enemies, they would be targeted. The tunnels are so deceptive that if the parties split in two and met head-on to fight amongst themselves due to the darkness. After all the trickery, if they got out alive, boiling oil was poured from above, killing them instantly.

The Eerie Maze

The everlasting trap the fort has crafted is stunning! The labyrinth, moats, bastions and scheme of the whole fortification is splendid! One of the best-preserved medieval forts in the world, it has a saga of numerous tales of splendor, betrayal, blood-shed.

Chand Minar

View of the Chand Minar from the Fort