Small Pleasures of a Farmhouse…far far away…

Wheat Field - A fantastic shot taken by my friend Ashutosh

As kids, activities like climbing trees, soaking in little streams that ran through lanes, walking through uncut grass, collecting insects, butterflies, tadpoles seem so unreal anymore! We have no time, no space and all these little elements of nature, just do not exist around us! Very often, I get this urge to explore some hidden waterfalls, or a cave or simply walk through a road which doesn’t exist. When such a feeling arises, off we go to our farmhouse in the outskirts of Pune around a small shabby town of Varasgaon.

Farmhouse at Varasgaon

Like any other farm, we have a farmhouse maintained by my family members with so much love and care. It is a sloping land full of mango, banana, papaya, chikoo trees and many small crops like the potato, ginger, rice, beans, etc! It is a lush piece of land with another beautiful feature, it has a vivacious stream flowing through it with a tiny 7 feet waterfall with a canopy of ancient trees which look mysterious, eerie and yet magnificient!

View of the Farmhouse with the Banana Plantation

Some fun with family

So now lets see what makes Varasgaon farmhouse so much fun! My favourite activity is going down to the well and then walking through the unleashed grass to the stream. The up and down walk through the weeds and over the rocks, along the wheat fields while collecting crystals, dried tree barks and flowers unshackles a feeling so different and satisfying. We walk by sometimes collecting some vegetables to take back home, or sometimes pick a fruit and start eating it on our way or just walk through the rumbling stream slipping, falling, bruising, yet doing the same thing over and over again!

How would it look if I climbed a tree in the hustle bustle of my city? The idea seems so funny ain’t it? Over to the farm, who cares?! Just climb one, swing over or simply enjoy the view from top….there isn’t a thing to bother!

A family picture in the tree

Forever meowing cat

Bipin with Nyanoba & Tukai

With a lot of love and care are bred a few animals on our farm. I really look forward to go there in order to connect to that part of nature that I enjoy over everything. A mommy cow Kapila and her youngun, a dog named Nyanoba and his mother Dolly, a forever meowing cat and a bunch of chickens are running all over the farm and rest in their meadow cum barn under a cool shade of a tree. The whole time we are there, we have Nyanoba chasing us from the farmhouse to the stream and when its time for us to leave, he sighs to show how much he wants us to stay. We adore them and so do they…..

Kapila the cow and her Youngun

Mama Dolly demanding attention

The day ends very soon! But the darkness brings in two very exciting activities……just listening to the crickets and enjoying the stillness and dark and it also ‘barbeque’ time. This activity is the most popular activity at the farmhouse. The mess and flavour of charcoal, the smell of roasting chicken, fish and veggies with some bhakri and gavran rassa. The pleasure of this feast is so much more satisfying than that of a restaurant! The day and stay ends with so much fun, relaxation and a calm which doesn’t come very often!

Time for Barbeque!

A great union of friends!