The Unexplored Alps…

I lived, breathed, experienced and connected so much with the Alps during my stay in Grenoble! I can’t stop thinking about them and my memories race back to them everytime I am amidst magical mountains.

I consider myself very lucky to have got a chance to explore the real depths of the Alps. As a student, backpacking and rock climbing has become a mandatory custom among a bunch of us. Grenoble also being a ski capital of France made me hop around a few destinations. Infact, this time, my post is all about these interioirs and not so none places in the Alps.

City of Grenoble

A beatuiful city in the arms of the Alps…(read more about Grenoble in my former post My Wonderful Stay in Grenoble )

My School - ESC-Grenoble Business School of Commerce

My Residence in Grenoble


The Belledonne mountain range forms the eastern wall of the mountains that surround the city of Grenoble.
The range has spectacular scenery it provides the inhabitants of Grenoble, numerous ski areas, interesting geology, and a diverse range of alpine land.

Olympic venue at Chamrousse, with Mont Blanc in the distance

Castle of Bayard is one the remote and isolated castles of France. It is surrounded by lush green hills and the small town of Pontcharra.

Castle of Pontcharra - Castle House Museum

Les 7 Laux - Ski Resort


The Vercors is a range of plateaux and mountains in the Pre-Alps. Cliffs at its eastern edge of the Vercors face the city of Grenoble. The Vercors comprises several resorts for cross-country skiing and for down-hill skiing. Villard-de-Lans is the biggest down-hill ski resort. It is also home to the cave, Gouffre Berger.

Glimpse of Vercors

From Grand Veymont to Duex Soeur, the eastern rampants of Vercors

Some more pictures & memories of the Alps…

Speleology in the Alps

A picnic & hike in the Alps

My First Ski Experience- Les Deux Alps