Secrets of Amsterdam!

Unlike a lot of places, Amsterdam stands out loud, clear, weird and exotic in its true sense! Its full of life, bikes, dope, canals, good looking people, weird museums and an interesting red light area! I loved it instantly!!

Dutch city of Amsterdam

It is always nice to know all the fun facts about the places you travel but its even better when you know some other little things that give a clear picture of the place. While in Amsterdam, I tried to find out more about its myths, Dutch ghosts, people’s beliefs along with the other usual things! I found out some bizzare facts about this place which I want to share in my post…

The sinister secret of Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House

All cultures have some ghost stories and Amsterdam seems to have some about Anne Frank. I didn’t get a chance to go in to the Anne Frank House due to a huge crowd but heard about her little appearances in the window. People talk about a sinister secret in her hideout. It is often reported that you can feel cold spots in certain areas of Anne’s room. Some thumping noises are heard in the basement and on the stairs at midnight.

A lot of cultures beileve in ghots and spirits under water hence the Netherlands, being a country built largely under the sea level, does allow some paranormal speculation!

The Norms of the Red Light District

Red Light District

The Red Light district of Amsterdam is one of the most bizzare display of woman trying to get men laid. They look bold, sexy, hideous, innocent and is shocking to see the diversity in age, colour, size and specialty! When I walked through this buzzing area seeing people negotiate the time and money to get laid, I decided to find out more. Apparently, it cost anywhere between €50 to €100 for half hour depending on the jobs demanded by the customers. I also read a few things about which nationalities were easily accepted by these hookers, for example, Moroccons and Turks weren’t easily acceptable because they treat women like dirt or Indians too, because they were a bit weird, etc. It looked vibrant and normal yet I felt a little sad. I thought of choices can have such an enormous effect on people’s lives, the choice to sell your body!

Poezenboot House Boat…not for HUMANS!

Poezenboot House Boat for Cats!

On one of the canals of Amsterdam, has a long house boat occupied by stray cats of the city called the Poezenboot. Imagine how rich these cats must be to own a house boat? After all, if people can live in them, why not cats? It was quite dilapitated but now it lives on and is taken care of some enthusiastic cat lovers of Amsterdam!

How can I forget the dope?

Dope Menu in a Cafe

Amsterdam has over 250 coffee shops which can legally sell up to 5 grams of drugs to each person. What really amused me was the selling of cannabis (dope) is illegal, but not punishable. They have to stick to a few norms like no advertising, no selling it to children, no public nuisance, etc. When you talk about a café, it is equivalent to a bar, the non-marijuana selling cafés are called koffiehuis (which actually mean coffee shops). It also has a backdoor policy, the cafés are allowed to sell dope, yet not buy it…I wonder how it really works??

Hmmm….so these are the little stories I collected from Amsterdam! A city with a mixture of rolling dope with a subtle coffee outlet, houses meant for cats and ghosts below sea level!!