The Isles of Zanzibar

Pristine Blue Indian Ocean

I loved this place the minute I stepped on it! Just like its name, its exotic, historical and a bit mystical! When I talk about isles of Zanzibar, I mean its numerous islands like Pemba, Prison Island, and several others which are still untouched! Each island is rich in its spices, wildlife, history and inexplicable beauty!

View of the Stone Town from House of Wonders

Zanzibar is an island with narrow alleys, breezy rooftops, majestic Indian & Arabic doors and private courtyards and pristine blue ocean. We decided to stay amidst of a place called Stone Town which is some what the city centre. Its full of historical places, curio shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs and of course the beach. We loved the place instantly. It quite reminded me of the old narrow alleys of India.

Island of Zanzibar

Alleys of Stone Town, Zanzibar

After arriving on this island, we decided to hunt for a nice hotel since we were going to stay there for 2 nights. We hopped around checking out a few hotels and decided to stay in this cosy and inviting place called Archipelago. There, we were greeted by this wonderful hostess called Ana who made the place even more inviting. These people had 5 rooms and hardly advertised them. They also had a pretty cafe with one of the best ‘masala tea’ and pizza I’ve ever had in my life. Thereafter, being our little home and diner for not the next 2 but 4 days!
Archipelago is definitely high on my list…here’s their contact –
Archipelago Café Restaurant
Box 4156 Zanzibar, East Africa
+255 24 22 668/ +255 777 462311

Spiced Tea @ the Archipelago Cafe Restaurant

The next highlight of our stay were the ‘Doors of Zanzibar’! The most enchanting feature of this island! Zanzibar had a huge Indian & Arab settlement from the 13th century. After talking with people, we learned that the fashion for carved doors was brought in by the Indian & the Islamic people and were designed uniquely to portray the status of the family. Wow! I was impressed! The architecture of this place also had some additional attractions like the balconies, verandas or porches and rooftops, apparently made to give women a view of the streets. Walking through these alleys gave me a glimpse of the old times integrated in to today. The experience was strange yet so rich and unique.

Arabic door in the alleys of Stone Town

Balconies of Stone Town

Trinkets in Curio Shops

While walking through the Stone Town, we met this very interesting Bhori guy with Indian origin named Rashid. This guy had an antique store with numerous trinkets like masks, jewelry, drums and some African games. Since he was quite well versed with Hindi, and had his origins in India, we got talking. Our conversation ended up with he teaching us a very popular game played in Zanzibar called “Bao”. Bao (means wood in Swahili) is a wooden board game with 8 holes aesthetically carved and is played by sowing dried seeds tactfully in the holes. The game is complicated yet very interesting. Time just flew, he taught and we played and finally just bought the game because we liked Rashid and the game!

Popular Board Game - Bao

Forodhani Gardens - a place with roadside food stalls....

Spending 4 days on this island may sound a bit too much, isn’t it? Well I think these 4 days were heaven and so much fun! Besides the beautiful Stone Town, there are some more little attractions like snorkeling, scuba diving, the Jozani forest, and the one and only Forodhani Garden full of food stalls of grilled fish, octopus, sugarcane juices, some odd yet tasty pizzas, soups and the list is endless! Hence this is Zanzibar, the island of blue oceans, white sand, rich heritage and the architecture, all so pleasing to the eye!

Colour in the Right Amount & Right Places….they Rock!

Colour is everywhere! Tress, flowers, mountains, people, animals, just everything has colour! It surrounds us at all times so why be scared to use some? I agree that everything does not solve all questions like what colour, or which combination, etc? However we can connect them and receive thousand tints which can be used in our decor, clothes, or anything that makes sense to us! Here is a little colour palette that may help you to choose combinations and implement is your daily life!

Wooden Flowers

The oddsome combination of subtle pink and bold orange with dark platform brings out a tender nuance between colours. Such combinations look good when you match smaller items instead of large ones like paitning connecting walls or sofas, etc.

1 2


Orange can be overwhelming, but orange and beige is just a right combination! A lot of beige, cream or white with patched of orange will bring in an abundance of life!

3 4


Sometimes we have to leave the natural colours to make a difference! If the furniture is made with fine teak, leave it alone! Its lustre, elegance and character is matchless!

5 6

Peacock Plumage

When you need something serene and meditative yet colourful, use the peacock combo! A best way to feel cool, fresh and happy at all times!

7 8

Zanzibari Cottage

Look at the nuance of light yellow, blue and red, its so pleasing to the eye! It is a great combination to use in your living space. The yellow gives the warmth and the blue brings calm, both serve the purpose of life and peace in your home!

9 10

Spanish Window Fort

When something needs to be highlighted yet have a subtle look, pale yellow, white and black does the magic!

11 peru

Stained Glass Celing

I had a chance to visit this exotic country in South America called Peru! Rich as it is, I also got a small subject for my blog! Loved the way the subtle peaches and greens looked on the ceiling of a church in Lima.

12 13
Buddhist Inscriptions

I visited Sikkim in 2009 and I can’t explain how colourful and beautiful the monastries look! Though they use bold colours, some combinations are so vibrant that it makes the whole scene alive!

14 15