Unaccounted Artwork…..

In my last post, I talked about the Eatmoshphere project I did in April 2010. Its been doing great and my work has been appreciated. But sometimes it is also the small peices of art or just a little splash of colour helps make a difference. Its not always that I like to paint big things and hence, this time, I have showcased all the little sub projects I’ve done so far…unaccounted and solely out of interest…

I’ll start with 4 name plates I have done for a few friends! They were fun projects and done while my work load was low…


The one below is my very own….done in a hurry and not so good but it still brings colour and life to my entrance.


My friends tell me that these name plates have made so much difference to their entryways and not only that, they have recieved a lot of compliments on them.


My friend Sayali a very romantic person and wanted her and her husbands name painted instead of their last name…and hence painted something cosy and romantic for them…


Aside the name plates, I also did my husbands office, one of my big projects. The space came out great but it needed some colour bursters. I decided to make them instead of hunting for something. Hence I came up with a theme..flowers, fruits, animals, in amulgamation with humans. Not all paintings are original here but there is certainly a touch of my imagination….


I wanted colour in this corner of the office and hence decided to use the vibrant reds and blues…the corner does look gorgeous..


I did this for my husband’s cabin. He is very passionate about his drums…the Djembe, an African drum and in his cabin, I wanted to show all the elements of nature come together and hence the fruit, the human and his passion, his drum!


These paintings are in the entryway – bright, bold and welcoming!


A painting of a fruit is very important since my husband owns a coldstorage and one of the very important thing that is stored there is fruits and hence the artwork…

My next set of artwork was done in Eatmosphere..an abstract canvas which has a mèlange of the colours used in the cafe.


These mirrors below are 4 different mirrors all put together to give one big feature in the cafe. It also gives a perception of space and adds to the vibrancy or the liveliness of the space.

So this is some of my unaccounted but well appreciated work of art..I am sure I’ll work on much more because they are my stress busters and they make me happy and keep me going…