Chorla Ghat….untouched, dense, gorgeous!

I am sorry for not being around in the month of March. I totally missed being on the blog but time just flew and I didn’t get my hands on till today. Just last week, I went to this beautiful thick forest of the Chorla Ghat. One of the most dense ones I have seen after the Amazon. Well what can I say about its location…its situated on the borders on Maharashtra, Karnataka & Goa and I think all these states need to be proud of what they own!

View of Chorla Ghat

There isn’t much to write about except for the forest and its greenery, beautiful valley, cliffs, and this enchanting place we stayed at called Wildernest. I think it is so much better than just visiting Goa and hoping bar to bar or lazing on the beach. This two days trip, we hiked through the jungle, swam in the pool which overlooked the valley giving us an exceptional view of the sunset!

Cottages at Wildernest

The dining area of the resort

The best part of the hike was our 4 km walk to a small water body from our resort. The hike was through a very deep jungle with unsual raw smell of weeds, the crunching of dry leaves, calls from birds and monkeys and of course glimpses of grey lizards, tarantulas, butterflies and many small insects quite rarely spotted in cities.

Hike down to the river

The deep jungle of Chorla Ghat

Though it was hot, we hardly felt the heat since the canopy of trees over us protected us from the scorching heat. It gave us a thrill to go down to the dry water body. It did make us feel a bit sad to see no water but our curious member Bipin wanted to explore more and more. He made us walk upstream through the huge bolders and rocks which indeed did take a lot of time and effort! I should say the time and effort did pay off…..the sight we saw wasn’t spectacular but the little trickling water before us, made our day! It was completely unexpected so see one in the middle of the summers!

The dry river bed with the two lions of the jungle

Furthermore, there was another surprise….there were two coracles in the little pond! Wow that was something! None of us had ever been in one and it was indeed a treat for all of us to be able to have an experience in one! Our excitement knew no bounds and my friend Ashutosh decided to plunge in one! What followed after that was hilarious! The coracles had holes! Bipin and Ashutosh tried hard to sail down to the waterfall until they realised that if they do not get back to the shore, they would sink….sink in 4 feet!!! Hahahaha, Ritika and I could stop laughing! We giggled and chuckled till our eyes watered! Check out the pictures!

Our first bait in the Coracle...Ashutosh!

Ashutosh & Bipin before sinking!

One other attarction at Wildernest was its pool. It is the most stunning pool I was ever seen. We spent so much time in it, on one of the evenings! The water was warm and inviting, the sun was about to set and we just needed to laze after a long day! It was just so perfect….a perfect place to be when you need calm and peace!

Sunset while in The pool

Bipin and I, enjoying the evening in the pool

Ashutosh, Bipin & I...having some fun!

On way back to Belgaum, we visited this small, remote and beautiful village of Chorla! It was clean, the houses were all in one line with chillies drying in their front yards and villagers peering at their visitors, quite surpirsed to see us walk down to the Chorla temple. The simplest and sweetest I have ever seen!

Drying chillies

The Chorla Temple

The cool shade of the Chorla Temple

And so was our little trip to the place of the animals, trees, waterfalls and all such temperaments of nature which bring so much peace and happiness to our lives. It is so important for us to preserve and safe our planet Earth!