News!!!! Better Interiors features Lively-wood in the Jan 2010 Edition!


Cover Page of Better Interiors Jan 2010

I can’t tell you how excited I am about a new opening for Lively-wood. After all the chaos and parties at the end of 2009, the interior design magazine Better Living focused on how to get back your life to normal by creating a calm and a meditative space.


Siddi, the Yoga chair and Aadhara, the Vajra Asana bench, the centre of the Blue Theme.

It all started from this beautiful store called Bliss in Andheri, Mumbai where I display my furniture. Since I have a very defined line in Yoga & Comfort, Mallika Desai Thakker, the owner of Bliss created a relaxed yet beautiful décor focusing all the meditative elements around Siddhi, the yoga chair.


Open Magazine

The colour hues of blue and beige give a perfect and serene look. It truly provokes a need for calm and peace in our lives. While talking with a friend of mine who has nothing to do with Yoga or meditation commented about how it inspired him to just be in the blue and beige moment. The products thus inspire a non-meditative individual as well.


A small focus picture of Siddhi – Yoga Chair

Besides the décor, the article also says ” The focus of the setting is the yoga chair which provides good posture while meditating” . Such has been my focus through my Yoga and Comfort line. There is also a lively apple green table-like thing called the Aadhara which facilitates people to sit comfortably in Vajra Asana. All this leads to comfort and helps meditation efficiently. For more details click on to



Tic-Toc goes my Clock!

Its been long ain’t it? I’ve got my hands on the blog after the festive season. You may be wondering why is my title ‘Tic-Tok goes my Clock’? Well this time, its all about hand-made and hand painted clocks made specially for this gifting season. So here is a glimpse of my work –

Sparkle Pinkie
I call this clock Sparkle Pinkie. It is obviously pink as you see it and has a whole bunch of feminine features in it like the flowers, a pretty ceremic shoe and to break the girlie monotony and stainless steel plate!


Zardosi Ghoongroo
This clock is inspired by a beautiful saree I saw recently. The lady carried it very elegantly on her with some tiny ghoongroos or bells attached to them. I wanted to use it in my work and the most recent one I was making were the clocks…so here it is!

2 3
The Foot of the Lord
This clock is a melange of English colours and the traditional copper foot imprint with several motifs drawn in the Hindu religion.


Saree, Bangle, Mirror!
Another clock inspired by the tradition of India and seen very commonly among women, yes, it is the saree, bangle and the mirror!


Star Flower
This clock is a work of geometry with some beads. It will serve best in kids rooms!


A Bright Sunny Day!
One day I got up to such a beautful morning with home grown sunflowers and bold blue skies. This clock is all about that day! Happy happy thoughts!


The Tool Clock
Sometimes, leftovers from factories makes me want to use it in my work. The ‘Tool Clock’ is a combination of bits of stainless steel and wood.


You will find all these clocks @ Bliss in Andheri (180, Aram Nagar1, Fisheries University Rd, 7 Bunglows, Andheri. Ph: 022 26332111 )

Mystic Sedona

Sedona….a place with a strange mixture of mysticism and splendour which comes across like a red world far far away! If I were to ever imagine planet Mars, it would be like Sedona!

The Red Rock City - Sedona

I got a chance to go there in 2005 while on our way to the Grand Canyon. I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the majestic red sandstone in contrast with a vast blue sky. Whether it is actually mystical or spiritual is something I wouldn’t know but the feeling that arises within you while you stand on the red earth in Sedona is a feeling that does not come very often…inexplicable and extraordinary.

Spiritual & Mystical Vortexes in Sedona

The grand terrain of Sedona

Vortexes – A Source of Power and Spirituality

The Bell Rock

A lot of people believe in the power of the vortexes buried in to the Red Rock city. Some very popular vortexes which emanate energy are Bell Rock, Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Schnebly Hill. These are related to the chakras or acupuncture point concept. People believe that when in proximity to these places, you may be affected to varying degrees; some people feel more relaxed and meditative or more energized in others. I did not hike up but I indeed got a tranquil feeling which doesn’t come very often. Honestly, whether these vortexes exist or not just doesn’t matter, the view of these rocks and rugged terrain is stunning and breath-taking. Sedona has a landscape that changes as time crawls from sunrise to sunset, its colour changing from pink, rust to hot red. Each element adds to its mystical quality. According to me, there is no right way to feel this energy and that, it is all about personal experiences.

Cathedral Rock - one of the masculin vortexes

Montezuma Castle & Well

Montezuma Castle

The Montezuma Castle is an incredible monument of the 1300 hundredth century. The castle is an apartment scaled in the rocky limestone cliff of a mountain standing guard over a valley below. The reason why it is so astounding is that it is a castle with 20 rooms and has five stories. It was built by the Sinaqua Indian Tribe which means “without water” about 700 years ago and abandoned in 1400 for reasons unknown. Another feature of the castle which amazes me is that the Sinaqua used ladders to climb up to the castle and as they reached each level, the ladders were pulled up until the dwelling was reached making it difficult for enemies to penetrate.

Montezuma Well with its canals

The saga of the Montezuma Well is something of its own. A little over 10 miles from the castle is the well, a sinkhole about 55 to 368 feet deep with perennial springs of warm water. According to the experts, it was used for irrigation and well-planned canal excavation can be seen around the water hole. It is beautiful, deep and mystical something that makes you want to know more.

While on our way to the Grand Canyon, I thought, whether you are spiritually inclined or not, you’re almost sure to find something that resonates with you in Sedona. It’s a Red paradise, a must see and a perplexing experience.

The Grand Canyon

Wanna buy Furniture for your Home? Check out the Guidebook!

We all have our own tastes…some people like long lasting, hard wood furniture while some prefer style and casual pieces which can be replaced in a couple of years. Whatever your style, make sure you know what you want to bring home. Here are some guidelines to help you make the best choice.

Hard & Soft Wood



Hard Wood Rocking Chair


Make sure you know the difference between hardwoods and softwoods. Hardwood comes Sagwan, Sesame or Salwood while soft wood comes from Pine or Deodhar trees. The hard wood has strength and stability in case of chairs, beds, tables etc; but those qualities can make hardwoods difficult to work with for intricate carving and detail work. Soft wood is easily carved or worked. Since their surfaces are often soft, they are more susceptible to marks and dings, which may result in a weathered or worn quality.

Soft Wood – Pine wood Yoga Chair

Is Plywood better?



A lot of times, using plywood is the best option. Solid wood has a tendency to expand and contract as the humidity changes leading to instability.Plywood or particle board (MDF)is more stable and less apt to warp or split. Plywood then can be covered with veneers or laminates to recreate the desired look.

What is “Veneering”?


Make sure you know what “veneering” is. Veneer is the use of thin layers of highly decorative woods on top of plywood. Veneering makes it possible to match grain patterns or create designs. The only factor that adds to veneering is that it cannot be left unfinished, it has to be touched up with a protective coat of varnish, polish etc.


A lot of wear & tear…..use Laminates


If you know that your funiture will be unmaintained and needs sustainability the best option is to use laminates. Laminates are sheets of processed woods in different colours, textures, designs which help in maintaining the plywood against moisture, termites, humidity, etc. One can find a huge variety in them.